Mikal Asher Releases Empowering Single “Black Woman”

Mikal Asher's "Black Woman" is a powerful anthem that highlights the beauty and importance of black women in society. The artist's lyrical prowess, combined with the stellar production work of Gramps Morgan, King Benjamin, and Mikal Asher, makes for an unforgettable musical experience. The track perfectly sets the tone for Mikal Asher's upcoming album, "The Mission.

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Mikal Asher tells his “Unchained” Story

Story of how a real Rastaman never gives up At the time Mikal Asher’s previous album was released in 2001 the world was going through chaos with the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York. He also experienced turbulence in his personal life which curtailed his music career. On September 21 Unchained, the singer’s […]

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May 5 Ethiopia Patriots’ / Victory Day

May 5th celebrated in Ethiopia as Patriots’ or Victory Day, is a national holiday commemorating the victory of the Arbegnoch Ethiopian Resistance Movement over the Italian occupation of Ethiopia, as well as the return of Emperor Haile Selassie I and the restoration to the throne in 1941. The Ethiopian Patriots’ Victory Day (Amharic: የአርበኞች ድል […]

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Meet the mysterious Sackcloth People of Table Mountain

Nestled between skyscrapers in Cape Town’s city centre, a group of people wearing sacks flog their wares on the bustling pavement.

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JOIN Our Uncensored Global Multimedia Creative Community & Tell Your Story

MEMBERSHIP NOW OPEN! JOIN: https://rastafari.tv/join GAIN unlimited access to write, blog, or create content to add to our heritage archive and digital timeline of artifacts on www.RasTafari.TV Digital. Be featured as an author, content creator, publisher, DJ, entertainer, radio station, or filmmaker and collaborate with other creatives worldwide. Participate in monthly digital creative sessions with […]

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