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  • Customized advertising packages commensurate with support.    
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  • Engagement - social media trivia, raffles, give-a-ways 
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Our Mission: Providing a digital BRIDGE for open source education, cultural awareness, and cooperative economics. 

Current projects:
  • Connecting individuals with culture in a digital BRIDGE
  • Pre-production of PSA's, Educational Multimedia
  • Filming E.A.T. Jamaica Pilot Project
  • Covering Events & Community Programs and Projects
  • Private Label Channels Content From Niche Audiences

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What We Do

Introducing The New RasTafari.TV

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Rastafari TV Network is a unique niche market having 100% organic growth, infamous for never having to advertise, viewers engage through social media and by subscribers word of mouth only. RTV reaches over 145 countries in over 45 languages daily and welcomes viewers hailing as far as Ethiopia, Tibet and Monaco!


A diverse international audience
with engagement peaking between 25-34 years old
with engagement peaking between 35-44 years old

Programs & Projects

Create a channel, sponsor content, promote and share your products and services across a global niche audience. Show your social responsibility and sponsor a service project.
Folks always ask about our name- JAHJAH Foundation. The name Jamaicans Abroad Helping Jamaicans At Home came to me in a dream.
JAHJAH Foundation is for everybody- for baldhead, for Rasta... You know a man's heart by his actions.
Dr. Trevor Dixon,  Founder, CEO
JAHJAH Foundation