Jamaica’s Inaugural Ital Food Fest, Nov. 25, 2023

25TH NOV 2023 First Inaugural Ital Food Fest Plantation Cove, St. Ann, Jamaica. GET TICKETS, SPONSORSHIP & VENDOR OPPORTUNITY: www.italfoodfest.com or Fontana Pharmacy islandwide. Experience Jamaica’s Premier Ital Food Festival. Showcasing Ital Cuisine. World Renowned, Ital Chefs, Herbalists & Reggae Artists. “Where Vitality = Livity” ITAL FOOD LAB STAGE: Holistic Health Experts, Gourmet Plant-based Food […]

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My Eco Hive Miniseries

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RasTafari.TV DEFEND Queen Ifrica & Call Out The Abominable Sell-Outs!

We’ve witnessed Queen Ifrica crying out in the wilderness for several years. Her plight to shine a light on ending rape and molestation of children and violence against women has not gone to deaf ears. She’s been vocal about her former husband Tony Rebel beating her. She’s made herself quite vulnerable and revealed that her […]

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Hon. Marcus Mosiah Garvey Bio & Speech

Jamaica’s first National Hero was born in St. Ann’s Bay, St. Ann on August 17, 1887. He was conferred with the Order of the National Hero in 1969 as per the second schedule of the National Honours and Awards Act. In his youth Garvey migrated to Kingston, where he worked as a printer and later published […]

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The Birth of Lij Teferi Makonnen : H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I

Lij Teferi Makonnen was born on Saturday, July 23, 1892, in Ejersa Goro, in the highlands of Ethiopia, located in the Harar region. I was born into the Solomonic Dynasty, which is direct descent from King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba and from the Messianic Bloodline of Yahshua, The Christ. My lineage holds significant […]

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