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Kingston, Jamaica: September 11, 2014

Today marks the beginning of a new era, a new time, a new day.  The Haile Selassie High School was built in 1966 by a generous donation by H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I, beloved Emperor of Ethiopia for the citizens of Jamaica.  Once a bright and shining star, known for graduates hailing high marks, the school have now become a write off to some and a candle flickering in the wind to others.   Today, Haile Selassie High sits in the middle of what they call a “ghetto”, surrounded by government housing, struggling vendors, homes needing repair, children needing basic necessities and families needing mending.  As with any oppressed people, goodness still exist inside the gates of Haile Selassie High.   We desire to help strengthen our bonds to create a nutrition program and organic farm to table eco-preneurship program for the benefit of students, administrators and surrounding community.

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RasTafari TV Sponsors Free Health Fair


RasTafari TV called the school’s guidance counselor Ms. Jackie Bryant and told her RTV expressed a desire to adopt the school on Sunday Sept. 7, 2014, the day before the first day of school.  Ms. Bryant said it was perfect timing, because the children had no breakfast for tomorrow.  The breakfast program is usually sponsored by a vendor, but this year, the vendor’s commitment to supply the food is unsure.  Instantly hearts were touched to get the ingredients for porridge and hot cereal that Ms. Bryant requested.  We helped to support the breakfast program that week and now start to rally support to garner help.  We seek sponsors and donors to help feed all the children in both the breakfast and lunch programs.  It takes approximately USD $25 to feed 50 children breakfast.  The power of this movement is to offer opportunities for those who are manufacturers, growers and farmers on the island to step forward to purchase the produce from them instead of strange vendors who do not have our best interest at heart.

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Sept. 12, 2014

There is approximately 880 students attending H.S. School, of which about 50 or more are fed in the daily breakfast program.  The lunch program is subsidized by the government but the school has to help with the other children who do not have lunch.  The school supply lunch to about 40 children every 3 days and would love to do all 5 days but there is no budget.  Since land is in abundance, we propose to help organize a team to plant and maintain an organic garden so that the school can supply food for the canteen.

View Gallery | HSHS Community Service Day, Clean up
Field Trip & Tree Planting

RTV Team, Family and Neighbors Join hearts and hands to help restore, strengthen, repair and plant up Haile Selassie High School.  We partner to mentor, tutor and uplift our youth, using creative and empowering mediums to create a greater generation.  Our Emperor gave his personal funds to build the Haile Selassie School.  We will not allow this Great Endowment to fall at the wayside.  We call and gather all co-laborers, master growers, mentors, tutors, lecturers to ignite contact and join in the Grow Evolution, E.A.T. Jamaica, Grow Jamaica, Go Solar!

We thank you in advance for helping to fill our wish list of:

  • healthy food donation for students with special needs
  • school and office supplies
  • first aid kits & natural toiletries
  • organic product samples
  • repair school
  • building supplies
  • paint for building
  • toolbox & tools
  • lawnmower, weed wacker, garden supplies
  • cleaning supplies
  • greenhouses
  • solar panels and installation
  • organic heirloom seeds
  • rainwater catchment system
  • irrigation system
  • PA system
  • Educational CD’s & DVD’s
  • books & learning media
  • software
  • computers, desktops, laptops, tablets
  • projectors and screens
  • art supplies, arts and crafts
  • food & entertainment coupons for student volunteers
  • school bus
  • work van
  • top up for team & volunteer telephone
  • stipends for volunteer travel expense & meals


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Starting in Jamaica – the home of the RasTafari Movement – projects will span the globe.



Past projects have included:

• Community Clean-Up; US, Jamaica

• Mentoring Inner-City Youth; US, Jamaica

Community Health Fair; Jamaica

Adoption of the Haile Selassie High School; Jamaica


To help support this noble mission visit our Donation & Community Service Platform, or send us an Email at or call 954.673.6823 , Toll Free 1.888.3.08.6616 for more information.