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Selam!  Tenayestiliygn (Peace! May God Grant You Health On My Behalf)

I send goodwill to your households and pray the Great God of the Universe and Our Messiah, Iyesus Kristos, bless us with long life, health and strength to carry on the Legacy and Teachings of our Godparents and Benevolent Majesties, Germawi Q’edemawi Haile Selassie and H.R.H. Empress Menen, the most sacred Empress!

We were blessed to land safely 24 hours ago at Dulles Airport in Washington, D.C. on Ethiopian Airlines. I am writing a brief report to share my truthful testimony and overall experience in Ethiopia, on our first inaugural “Footsteps of Our Emperor” Tour and Pilgrimage, July 14-29, 2016.  My eyes have seen and ears have heard the majesty and glory of the land of Zion, the promised land of God.  I left my heart and mind in Ethiopia and is running on auto-pilot.  I’ve returned to help gather and inspire our people, the RIGHT PEOPLE to return home to Ethiopia to invest and build up our empire.  Last night I slept a thousand sleeps and dreamed 100 little Ethiopian dreams, all in Amharic.  When I close my eyes, I still see majestic green mountains so tall and valleys so lush and green, with a myriad of beautiful smiling faces of innocent children and humble and royal villages.



What is your background?

I was born on October 24, 1971 on United Nations Day in Walkerswood, St. Ann, Jamaica, the last of 8 children to loving parents of the Rutty clan.   My family was raised and mentored by the late Abune Yesehaq, the high priest and archbishop that was personally raised by H.I.M. Haile Selassie I.   He was sent in 1952 to the Western Hemisphere to teach about the Ancient Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Faith. I was a young girl when I met the Abba Yesehaq as we called him and I could remember Sunday dinners with him and the late Abune Poulas dining at my parents home.  He gave I the name Fan’aye and blessed I one day with an ancient meskel/cross that he took from a hidden place.   He told I would help lead the people out of bondage and if I took my eyes off of the Living God I would be destroyed.  This prophecy kept I alive when I was in deep despair and living in serious depression in Amerikkka.  On August 9, 1997, the communist regime, assisted by the US government and other evil forces stormed the Holy Trinity EOTC church headquarters in the Bronx.  We were beaten, arrested and carried off to jail by the NYPD because we did not bow to the new government appointed Ethiopian patriarch, Abune Poulas. Poulas began looting holy relics and promised several world heads the Ark of the Covenant for $30 million.  This reminded us of when Judas sold out Christ for 30 pieces of silver.   This unholy alliance began to wage war against the flock of Abune Yesehaq and the followers of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I and had us in court for 6 years in New York.   On that day, I was arrested and beaten, literally barefoot and pregnant directing the children’s choir.  I was pregnant with my third child at the time, and thrown on my belly in front of the Holy Tabot by 3 NYPD officers, severing the blood vessels in my hands.  I was denied my rights, not one phone call or even given water, food or a bed to sleep on.  But that’s another story, one I will tell at a later date.  I’m an unapologetic visionary, a rebel and a seer.  I did not ask for this gift but I will be judged if I don’t use it wisely. So when I do this work, it goes deep to the core of my soul.  I’m not a Reggae-farian or rasta imposter.  I suffered for this Movement.  My whole family did so I take this work with RTV very personally.


Why Did You Create The Footsteps of Our Majesty Ethiopia Tour?

The tour/pilgrimage was created because of a personal NEED.   It’s been over 20 years since I’ve been trying to journey to Ethiopia.  It seemed every time I planned, something came in the way to block the journey.  I attempted this tour first in 2002 and called upon many Hollywood celebrities to aid the famine relief.  RTV was operating under the banner “Save Our Culture” back then.  I was petitioning for the 120 people who had signed up to tour to travel to help Aid,  create Trade, Relocate and Invest in Ethiopia.  Oprah Winfrey’s people wanted to know who gave I such a huge idea.  When I told them I was Divinely inspired by the Most High, her assistant replied at the time, “We don’t do the Most High!” and hung up the phone on I five times.  Spike Lee replied with disdain, “Why should I help you? So you can teach people about Jah Rastafari?!”  The late Johnny Cochran said, and I quote, “I commend you on the work you are doing, but these works are out of my league and above my head.”  Will Smith, Herbie Hancock and Bill Bellamy’s law firm sent a Cease and Desist letter to back off!  Jessie Jackson’s cousin called and said they saw my website and don’t expect any help from Jesse because and I quote, “You got too much truth going on for Jesse.  His Rainbow Push Coalition is to push the homosexual agenda.”  The African Union replied, “Sista Fan’aye, it seems you are preparing for Armageddon.  It’s your project that will help Africa.  We have no resources to help you!” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and after years of sacrifice, leaping insurmountable obstacles, losing literally everything I had including my husband, I was left with great faith.  RTV was born on July 23, 2014 and in 2 years with favor from God and love in my heart, I managed to do more as a divorced mother of 5 than a multitude of talkers that were waiting for I to fail.


I was told the tour was too big and received many emails and phone calls to deter I from organizing the tour.  As a soul rebel, I don’t talk, I show forth works.  I readily admit I was nervous and had no hand to hold in those dark hours.   I couldn’t quit now so I quickly retreat in spiritual mode and went into serious recluse, prayer and fasting to seek the face of the Most High personally.  I closed the bible, the holy books, turned off the radio and I don’t have tell-lie-vision so it was easier for I to block out the negativity. I said, “Lord, you taught them all, you guided Moses through the wilderness, please don’t let I be a laughing stock and a shame.  Please let your Holy Spirit teach I personally and please don’t let I become a mockery.”   I had no money, no riches but I had talent and the Glory of God surrounded I and I stepped out on faith. Guess what?  The haters and naysayers are now watching in AWE!  We did it and ALL GLORY belongs to IGZIABIER/God of the Universe and through it all, I still love them all.  I just refuse to eat among them or have them see the whites of my eyes for I am warned, “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.” ~ Psalm 1


What was the inspiration behind the itinerary for the Tour?

I had just gotten out of serious meditation and received an email from Abera Wasihun of Ethio USA Tours, based out of Washington, D.C.  Abera introduced himself and company and expressed interest in working together.  I took it as a sign from Our Creator that he was the one chosen to help with the tour. I told him a bit of the vision and asked him to help create an itinerary as I desired to walk through some of the same historical places built and established by our esteemed Emperor and Empress.  After about 3 weeks of hammering out the details, the “Footsteps of Our Emperor” Tour was born and in 10 months, we managed to successfully organize a one-of-a-kind, adventure seekers tour, along with our partner on the ground in Ethiopia, Mr. Yohannes with Panoramic Ethiopia Tours. Many other tour companies or groups approached I to turn away from our new partners, but I am a faithful woman and walk with God so I was glad I was not enticed to go elsewhere.  EthioUSATours and Panoramic Ethiopia are two of the most gracious and professional hosts I have ever met.  I am truly impressed and blessed to know my brothers and we look forward to creating many wonderful tour packages and pilgrimages in the very near future.  WARNING: This is a very active tour and not for the spoiled or lazy participant.  If you truly love to visit new places and meet the indigenous people all around Ethiopia, then this tour is for you. REMOVE YOUR WESTERN MIND AND OPEN YOUR HEARTS AND YOU WILL BE AMAZED!


Who were the people on the Tour?

Initially 58 people signed up for the tour but in the end, 8 faithful souls were CHOSEN to participate on the tour.   There were some participants who were turned away due to sabotage or negative people who did not think the tour would become a reality.  I was 8th and last person to pay for the tour.  The other 7 souls were RTV subscribers and it was all of our very first time in Ethiopia and the Motherland.   We all met for the first time (with exception of my god-brother Tekle Selassie).  I was BLESSED to be in the company of each and every one.  7 were from the USA and 1 was from the UK.  Everyone had an amazing story how they came across the tour and why the wanted to travel to Ethiopia.  We will be publishing these incredible episodes of our tour in the days and weeks ahead so stay tuned.


What was it like landing in Ethiopia?

We departed at 11am on Ethiopian Airlines Flight on July 14, 2016.  Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 777 was the largest plane I had traveled on to date.   We traveled direct flight from Washington, D.C. into Addis Ababa and flew 14 straight hours in the air, passing time zones and realms.  The crew was gracious and professional.  They fed us 5 meals and 2 snacks and we had access to top of the line technology, movies, games with touch screen TV.   This top-notch  airplane rode on turbulence calmly and it was smooth sailing to Addis Ababa.  It was like a hotel in the sky.  When light shone above the Ethiopian horizon and we saw land below, my heart began to skip as if gazelles were dancing on the highlands of Zion! Touchdown! We landed and I was smiling so hard my cheeks were hurting.  Not only was I in Africa for the first time, I was in ETHIOPIA, the Land of God!  When we departed the airport, we went to our hotel and I couldn’t believe the calm that embraced us in the atmosphere.  Everyone said the same thing.  We knew we were in another country but it didn’t feel like it.  We felt as if we had traveled to ANOTHER REALM!



What’s the timezone difference in Ethiopia?

Remember, Ethiopia still uses the Julian Calendar which is 7 years behind the western Gregorian and have never been altered since Christ walked the earth.  So, Ethiopia is 7 hours ahead, 7 years behind and uses hours 1 – 12 hour format instead of 24 hours.  So they count time like, 1st hour, 2nd hour, 3rd hour and so forth. 1st hour starts at sunrise, which is 7am and goes all the way up to 12th hour and so ends the day and a new day begins.  So 1 o’clock in Ethiopia is 7am.  Whew!  It was a lot to grasp but we had traveled to biblical days it seemed.

We all remarked how much safer and calmer we felt in Ethiopia, compared to Amerikkka or the UK. Here, I felt I could leave my cars and doors open and all would be well.  The weight and stress of the west began to melt away.  I felt grounded and connected to the earth and the Divine.



How is the air quality in Ethiopia?

The first thing I noticed were how high and green the mountains were. They were literally in the clouds! The horn of Africa is one of the highest places on earth so the air is clean and free of chem trail poisoning. Our lungs were happy and our mind was intensely giddy with joy!  There is a serious construction boom in Ethiopia and the Chinese are contracted and are building rapidly.  There are more new buildings being erected than old ones it seems so sometimes, the streets were a bit dusty because of this.  We arrived during winter, yes winter though it was July in the west.  However, the weather was tropical like the islands.  When we did get rain, it didn’t last long and quickly the streets became dry again warmed by Ethiopian sunshine.  Addis Ababa is truly the capital of Africa and magnificent buildings could rival any western city.   Ethiopia is modern yet ancient, hospitable and waiting for you to come home.



How are the people of Ethiopia?

One thing I could say, children of Janhoy (The Emperor) have much respect in Ethiopia.   We are told Rastafari people are the voice of Ethiopia.  With the current government, there are things Rastafarians can say that Ethiopians can’t so they depend on us to be the voice of Justice and African Unity. Walking through the streets of Addis Ababa, our team were greeted like superstars.  From the old, the young, the rich and poor, everyone saluted us wherever we traveled.  “Yes Rasta!” “Rastafari!” “Jamaica!” “Bob Marley!” “Selassie I!” were a few titles hailed.  We were bowed to, saluted to, even by the police.  By the way, the police only carry batons not guns here and it took a few days before we even saw cops.  The only police that carry guns are federal police and it took us days to see them too.  We first encountered them on the rural areas during random spot or border checks.   I only heard one siren on the 14th day and it was an ambulance in Addis Ababa.  The people of Ethiopia are most gracious and hospitable and made us feel very welcomed.  We saw Muslim and Christians holding hands and walking side by side. We saw teenagers (male) hug in the streets and kiss on the cheek.  All this display of affection was innocent and not tainted by the lust of the west.  In Ethiopia, when you see the same gender kiss or hold hands, it’s because of pure LOVE and not lust.  When we see brothers walking arm in arm, it was not tainted by homosexual desire.   Homosexuality is illegal in Ethiopia and carries a weight of 25 years in prison. Before you homosexual sympathizers write in defense of homosexuality, please read your dictionary.  The definition of homosexual is one who is SEXUALLY ATTRACTED to the same sex so it’s a sexual preference not a love thing.  So before you waste your breath, look up the definition and save your time and drama for another time and space.  ETHIOPIA tafach!  Ethiopia sweet!  And I mean that in it’s purest form.  How good and pleasant it is to see ones dwell together in peace, love and unity!



What surprised you the most about Ethiopia?

I was surprised at how green, lush and abundant Ethiopia was.   Ethiopia is unbelievably the greenest green and farm land is everywhere.   Agri-business is booming in Ethiopia.  I was expecting desert areas but for the most part, all I saw were forests that look like they belonged in story books, grass so green it made me want to make my bed there and and mountains so high, they looked to reach heaven.  Food is abundant and so is progress.  Every town is building and under a construction boom from the city to the rural areas.  When we ate, we were served too much food.  How can we eat so much in one sitting?   Along with Ethiopian cuisine and hospitality, the Italian presence is there with pasta and pizza dishes as well.  My favorite were the beautiful flowers and amazing plant life.  We would travel along the rural areas and see the tukul, round homes made of mud, clay and straw and the some rooftops were totally covered with amazing blooming flowers.  We passed fields and mountainous regions that smelled like an aromatherapy shop with rosemary, lavender and other fragrant herbs blooming in abundance.  Is this real?  I never saw this part of Ethiopia before.  I wonder how come National Geographic never showed this side of Ethiopia.  I was quickly reminded it was not for them to show the true Ethiopia, it was for INI to show the real Ethiopia, because on WE are the only ones who can truly can tell OUR true story.


How was Shashemene?

This was my biggest surprise.  I’ve been hearing a lot of negative stories about Shashemene and was glad to travel and experience it for myself.  The Emperor gave Shashemene as a Land Grant approximately 500 acres as a gift for all black people of the west for their help in the Ethio-Italian war.  Our Emperor told us to come home to build up the “Model City.”  After H.I.M. was deposed in 1974, his followers were under pressure to leave Ethiopia but the souljahs of Shahemene who stayed have built homes, hotels, restaurants and businesses.  Shashemene is a hustling and bustling town, growing in leaps and bounds with many Ethiopians, Christians, Jews and Muslims living within the community.  The current Ethiopian government have not recognized the repatriates as Ethiopian citizens to date even after 45 years and when I left, a delegation of Ethiopian World Federation, Twelve Tribe of Israel, Nyabinghi and other houses were being hosted in Addis Ababa by the Ethiopian Foreign Minister.  They are now able to tell their stories and receive help and worldwide support because of this.  The Ethiopian Embassy just opened it’s Embassy in Jamaica after all these years and when asked about the status of the repatriates in Shashemene, they were a bit shamed because Jamaican culture had done so much to keep Ethiopia in the heart and minds of the world, and yet still, the repatriates were still not granted citizenship.


I met elders who sent I with messages for all of you to gather the right people and come home.  They told I stories of how our Emperor used to hold his head and cry and say, “Where are my people?  I’ve given them land.  Where are my people!?”  I heard stories that set the record straight and I am encouraged to do better and lend a helping hand for the rest of my life.  Nowhere on earth is without problems, but Shashemene feels like home.  My heart caught fire with love and the elders are such sweet and wonderful souls.  I found Shash to be amazingly spiritual, everyone speaking of Christ and God and encouraging us to return with our talent to settle.  They expressed their concern for the police brutality in the west and urge us to return to our homeland, our legacy, where we will be treated as Royalty. I am in love with Shashemene and I am in love with the elders and the children.  Some of their children born in Shashemene have a hard time because of they are still not granted citizenship and some of the youth curse, “Why did you bring me here to be born?”  Some of the daughters of repatriates are singers, some love the western bling life, but the love and joy I see among them are amazing.  I observe their speech, which is a mixture of Amharic, Jamaican patois and English.  My heart is on fire with love for Shashemene!   RTV formed an alliance with the JRDC school in Shashemene where we all presented donations of school supplies and other items.  I was pleased to meet Sydney Salmon the reggae singer and community ambassador to say the least, along with the founder of, brother Carl Naphtali Philpotts based in Maryland, USA.  Together, we agreed to form an alliance to continue assisting the Haile Selassie I High School in Jamaica and to link the School in Shashemene to create eco-agro-trade (E.A.T.) alliance. This self sustaining program will offer a digital bridge for both schools, create a nutritional program for healthy meals, and foster young entrepreneurs, increase training in self reliance and invest in the agri-business both at home an abroad.  There is more to come on this so stay tuned.  Check out the work we’ve been doing to help the Haile Selassie I High School Here and the Free Healthfair we sponsored January 2016.  RTV and JAHJAH Foundation with Dr. Trevor Dixon will be sponsoring another free health fair for HSHS and surrounding Payne Land again for January 2017 and look forward to bringing the doctors and dentists to Ethiopia to do the same very soon.



What’s the final message?

Ethiopia/Africa truly awaits her Creators.  The RIGHT PEOPLE must be organized, centralized, trained and prepared to pioneer greater territories.  The elders have already paved the way and it’s time for the younger generation to stop singing about Ethiopia and start investing in Ethiopia.  It’s time to repatriate our minds, our hearts, our finances and bodies and help to build up Ethiopia.   Brain drain is a serious issue in developing nations, where the skilled and most productive individuals leave that nation after they receive their degrees.  There are more Ethiopian doctors, dentists and skilled professionals living overseas than living inside Ethiopia.  There is only one doctor for every 100,000 people and we must do our best to reverse the effects of brain drain and turn this opportunity into brain GAIN.  I have so much to share, and much video to edit that will speak volumes.  I’m signing off to get some rest and meditation.


With our without the help of the multitude, I’m personally preparing my family to return home to Ethiopia.  I pray you will join us, THE RIGHT ONES that is.  As Marcus Garvey said, it’s not everyone we want to come home to Africa because if you were of no good in the west, you won’t be any good in Africa.  So it’s time to clean up our hearts, lend helping hands, put our shoulders to the wheel and stop talking and singing about Africa and INVEST AND RELOCATE to this prime land, waiting and budding with opportunity.  I would rather die free in Africa than a slave in Amerikkka.

May Our Creator bless the beginning and ending of all our endeavors.