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Free Your Mind.  Welcome Creators, Entertainers, Filmmakers, and Producers,

Are you looking for a platform to share your authentic Indigenous, Africentric, and cultural perspective with the world?  Tired of being censored and banned on social networks and revoked access to their apps? Look no further than Rastafari TV Network Digital!  Free Your Mind. 

We invite you to become a member of our community of creators, where you can publish your own content and connect with other like-minded individuals. With your membership, you’ll have access to your own channel, profile, and featured episodes and series. Plus, your selected videos will receive maximum exposure with RTV Digital 3.0, which features simultaneous streaming on our website, podcast, YouTube, Vimeo, email newsletter, social media networks, and popular streaming services like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and more.

As a member of our community, you’ll be able to share your voice and vision with a global audience of roots and culture lovers worldwide. We welcome historic, strictly conscious multimedia submissions to be featured on our network. All media submissions will be reviewed by our tribunal, and selected content will be streamed on our networks, reaching a unique niche audience across a variety of platforms.

Rastafari TV Network Digital is a tapestry, a kaleidoscope community that celebrates diversity, creativity, and authenticity. Share your story, inspire others, and make a great impact on preserving our true stories and sharing this knowledge with the world.  

Become a member today and let’s create something amazing together.




Keepers of The ARC Membership


  • Perfect for Authors, Bloggers, Editors,  Journalists & Event Promoters
  • Showcase your profile on Rastafari.TV and be featured in our online community.
  • Unlimited Access to write, archive, blog, share content, and publish events on RasTafari.TV
  • Add and maintain data to our cultural archive and digital timeline of artifacts.
  • Network with personalities.
  • Monthly shout-outs on our social networks
  • Participation in digital creative sessions with members worldwide. 
  • Discounts on RTV special events, merchandise, retreats, and workshops

ON AIR Stream Membership


  • Perfect for DJs, Personalities,
  • Radio Stations, Podcasts
  • Everything in the Keepers of the ARC Membership
  • Your own channel on Rastafari.TV to link your radio station, podcast music media or DJ Playlists
  • Post Unlimited links
  • Ability to create Playlists
  • Monthly members shout out on social media
  • First in line for your content to be featured in our new episodes
  • First in line for your content to be featured as background music in our LIVE broadcasts.

RTV Digital TV 3.0 Membership


  • Perfect for Content Creators, Entertainers, Film makers, Vlogs
  • You must submit samples of your content for approval before your membership is approved.
  • Receive everything in Keepers of the Ark and AIR Stream Membership. 
  • Enhance Your Brand and be featured on mobile & TV streaming Apps like iPhone, Android, Apple TV, Roku, FireTV, and Android TV.
  • Launch your own professionally branded videos and content produced by Rastafari TV Network
  • 33% off Branding, Digital & Multimedia Services.

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Rastafari TV Network is a unique niche market having 100% organic growth, famous for never having to advertise,. Viewers engage through social media and by subscribers word of mouth only. RTV reaches over 145 countries in over 45 languages daily and welcomes viewers hailing as far as Ethiopia, Tibet and Monaco!

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