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One of the things we like to share with our readers is highlight examples of people who are living off the grid; this is the story of Keith Thompson. Keith is a good example of someone who decided to take a chance and live his dream of going completely off the grid.

Keith aka Skeeter is living totally off the grid. Starting with a raw plot of land, he built his house from scratch, dug a well, created a solar power system and is completely responsible for all his waste. Keith is a good example of someone who got tired of paying utilities and mortgages to live on earth. He took matters into his own hands and decided to be as independent as possible. Deciding to live out in the wilderness is one way to go off the grid.

With little money, and basically just an idea, Keith started small. He found a small plot of land in the high desert of New Mexico that had no roads, no power lines or water, and no access to any kind of utilities. Although he admits he really didn’t know what he was getting into, his story highlights what someone with a dream can do.

This man from the city, who had no real experience living in a raw land, off-grid environment, was able to build his own home, hand dig a well, create a solar panel system, and achieve his dream of living off the grid.



Source: OffGridSurvival