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Repatriation & Reparation

imgresWe have been unjustly treated in the past and are still suffering from the injustices of the oppressor. As a result of the slave trade we are entitled to be given financial aid as proof of their change of mind and an attempt to right their wrongs in a very tangible sense. This will help to heal the human family and allow us to progress as a collective, somewhat of a global detox.

We are currently marching for our human right to be upheld and marching because time does eliminate the crime but true repentance does.  We must march with one accord and a march without an expected result is pointless. If we march in 2015 with the expectation we will be marching again in 2016 than we expect to fail. When we march and we protest, it is like we are crying and wailing. If we cry let us cry for change. We know we deserve compensation for the atrocities carried out amongst our people and we definitely want it but as a unit we must expect it.  Before our protest we should have some form of a bank so that we are ready to receive the money we are entitled to. We will then need to know who is entitled to the money and how it will be delegated to the correct people(s).  Then we protest with absolute conviction and authority! During the period of the protests we should try to present our case in political environments with a platform for everybody to hear and see. A platform where we shall dialogue with the white people who are in power both economically and influentially.  Of course the attempts we make to get in contact with such people should be documented and shared amongst everyone.  We must all have the same amount of information about this essential topic.


Professionals needed:

  • Accountants/ Financial Advisors
  • Historians
  • Geographers
  • Politicians
  • Media personalities


We must also be clear that we are not asking for money due to a lack of self sufficiency therefore regardless we must endlessly focus on ways and methods to support one another for our skills and crafts. Because we have the ability to raise millions very quickly.  In truth we should discuss amongst ourselves as a community the steps we should take to create a bank for ourselves and make it accessible to all of the African slave descendants. We must look for the easiest ways to finance ourselves. I say easiest because if the support is easy it can be duplicated simply. Therefore we are not only storing money within the community but also, circulating money within the community. As a result we empower ourselves and cultivate hope for each generation.


Professionals needed:

  • Spiritual advisors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Visionary


Peace and Prosperity!