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Internationally renowned dancer Zela Gayle has toured as a soloist dancer of African and Caribbean dances throughout countries in Europe,U.K, Switzerland and Italy and now resides in Ethiopia. She teaches dance at Sandford International school in Addis Ababa where 800 students participate in worldwide dance forms. Nominated for the 2013 Champion dance awards given to only two U.Kcitizens annually, who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and entrepreneurship in dance, Zela offers workshops in dance of various styles.

My journey to become a dancer began at Hope Botanical Gardens, those 200 acres of land situated in the high hills of St Andrews Parish, Jamaica which offers the most ideal oasis of tranquility.

At the innocent age of 5 enjoying all the natural beauty and serenity found in such a place as Hope Botanical Gardens, was the vibrant atmosphere of nature, coupled with the all-rounded performing arts on display when we arrived at the open air stage. In the middle of the gardens you find performers in motion and a poet’s corner.

At this very moment the National Dance Company of Jamaica was performing with such poise, precision and charisma that suddenly aroused my imagination and immediately brought me to a feeling of love and appreciation of dancing when soloist Patsy Ricketts took the stage, at her best topping it all. In that moment, I was completely inspired, encouraged and decided I would become a dancer.

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After leaving Jamaica (XAMACA – the land of wood and water) my family and I migrated to the United Kingdom where I attended Winchester University and became a graduate of 2003. Focusing on African, Cuban and Contemporary dance techniques I made my personal statement by integrating social and historical aspects of these forms of dance for choreography.

With several years of exposure and involvement in many dance forms, Zela recognized that, deep within her there was a great desire to give vent to the passion and love she possessed within herself for her dancing, musical background and theatre, and so the was created with greater appreciation of the arts.

Over the years Zela’s choreography has explored the roots of traditional dance forms, such as Caribbean Folk Dance, Reggae, and Classical Ballet to bring about a new aesthetic in light of the choreography of the innerzeal.  The innerzeal is a part of the inner energy that Zela would like other dancers to experience so as to give them the inspiration of developing within themselves the great freedom for dance and choreography.

About Inner Zeal

inner zealInner Zeal Organisation has been the Heart beat of Zela Gayle’s dream for the past seven years that has taken her over the world performing her choreographed solos in Reggae, Afro-Cuban & contemporary ballet dance.

Residing in Ethiopia for the past three years, during this time she has appeared in several shows, involving the arts. Zela founded the first hip-hop-reggae fusion dance crew in Addis Ababa.

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