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Rastafari TV Network Digital Offers Membership to Premiere All-Inclusive International Multimedia Community


Miami, Florida, April 5, 2023 – Rastafari TV Network Digital (RTV Digital) is thrilled to announce the upgrade of its culture archive and digital timeline of artifacts. This upgrade is accompanied by the offering of membership to a premiere all-inclusive international multimedia community for those who are lovers of roots and culture worldwide.

Membership in the RTV Digital community is perfect for individuals looking for a platform to share their authentic Indigenous, Africentric, and cultural perspective with the world. It is ideal for those who may have been banned on social platforms or for those who are tired of being censored, bullied, or have been revoked access to third-party apps for publishing or speaking the truth.

RTV Digital is putting the power in the hands of the people to foster a powerful ecosystem of like minds who share the same ideals. Members collaborate to create and share content, audio, media, podcasts, and independent movies, films, and animation all produced under the RTV brand. The community offers three membership tiers perfect for authors, entertainers, filmmakers, personalities, producers, DJs’, Radio stations, podcasts, bloggers, and those in the creative industry.

As a member of the RTV Digital community, you’ll be able to share your voice and vision with a global audience who are tired of being subjected to the same immoral and boring content on TV. RTV Digital welcomes engaging strictly conscious multimedia submissions of all genres submitted by members to be featured on our network. All media submissions will be reviewed by our tribunal, and selected content will be streamed on our networks, reaching a unique niche audience across a variety of platforms from our platform to all social networks to Digital TV apps like Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, and Android TV.

RTV Digital is a tapestry, a kaleidoscope community that celebrates diversity, creativity, and authenticity. Members can produce and share their stories, inspire others, and make a great impact on shining light on our divine heritage and sacred knowledge.

“We are excited to offer membership in our all-inclusive international multimedia community to those who share our passion for preserving and sharing our roots and culture with the world,” said Sis. Fan’aye SunLight Zena-Selassie, CEO of Rastafari TV Network Digital. “We believe that this upgrade and offering of membership will provide a platform for individuals to share their uncensored voice and perspective with a global audience.”

RTV Digital is ideal for those looking to reach a powerful niche audience and for those who need advertising to help bolster their brand or get the word out. RTV reaches over 150 nations and 45 languages daily. The network has achieved 100% organic growth all through word of mouth only, famous for never having to advertise. RTV is a favorite of people internationally and offers a phenomenal opportunity for advertisers to reach a highly engaged and passionate audience.

Our demographics consist of 75% male and 25% female, between the ages of 24-34, with up to 3 million visitors to our website monthly. By advertising with us, you can reach a highly targeted and engaged audience interested in roots and culture, Indigenous perspectives, and Africentric views. Join us in celebrating diversity, creativity, and authenticity, and take your brand to the next level by publishing or advertising on RTV Digital.

Join the Rastafari TV Digital community today and let’s create something amazing together for posterity.

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