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What are these events telling us for September 23, 2015?

2015 is being called the International year of Light (LUCIFER MEANS LIGHT BEARER).  2015 also sees thousands of scientists reactivate CERN, the Large Hadron Collider in an attempt to explore the origins of the Universe, Dark matter, Anti-matter, Extra Dimensions, Black holes etc.

1.  266th Pope visits White House 266 day of the Year (266 Days to gestation from conception)

The Pope is scheduled to visit the White House on 9/23/15. He is also expected to canonize Junipero Serra on that day. Junipero means “youth producing.”


2. Last days of Blood Moon and Hebrew Day of Atonement


3.  Last days of Shemitah Year

The Shemitah year 5775 ends on 9/13/15, which is also the start of the year 5776, which is a year of Jubilee. It is the 70th Jubilee since Israel entered the Holy Land, and 40 Jubilees since the ascension of Iyesus to heaven.


4.  The Day Jews recognize Messiah as Lord

Some are saying 9/23/15 is the day Jews will recognize the Jesus as Lord.   Comment: The next Messiah that the Jews will recognize will be the false one.


5.  Comet 2.5 miles wide to enter earth’s orbit, possible collision

Many are predicting that 9/23/15 will be the date that a meteor or comet will hit the earth causing a tsunami with the most likely location being the Atlantic Ocean near the North East coast of South America. Here is one of many videos presenting information to that effect.


6.  CERN Door Opens: The Unveiling of Prometheus

Many are saying CERN will be fully operational and will open a portal to the underworld in September 2015. CERN was scheduled to restart on 3/23/15—6 months before 9/23/15. Some are saying that CERN was responsible for the Nepal earthquake


7.  Tomorrow  Land Disney Movie Opens May but trailer for movie shows cataclysmic weather, riots, looting

Tomorrow Land is a Disney movie that is scheduled to be released on 5/22/15. The numbers 923 are shown in two trailers. The numbers on the clock are first shown as 00 00 63 09 23 13. 63 + 13 = 76; possibly indicating the Hebrew year 5776.   The trailers also show riots and looting, cataclysmic weather, a Western USA volcanic eruption, a rocket explosion, an incoming celestial object, and gas above $4 per gallon, all with 100% certainty. 5/22/15 to 9/23/15 is 125 (5x5x5) days.


8.  Tomorrow World Festival  

This is a satanic music concert festival/ritual that will be held in Atlanta this year beginning on 9/25/15. From what I have seen the festival has many New World Order/antichrist associations. One of their promo films shows a batman logo, the symbol on the Hoover, has references to CERN, and focuses on a satanic rebirth.


9. Day 500

9/23/15 is day number 500 in the countdown and, according to the French ambassador, is supposed to be the day climate chaos begins.


10.  Day 216

9/23/15 is 216 (6x6x6) days past 2/19/15. On 2/19/15 The P5 + 1 talks started back up in Geneva and Israel received the worst snow storm in 100 years.


11.  Day 5125

9/23/15 is 5125 days since 9/11/2001. The factors of 5125 are 5, 25, 41, 125, 205, 1025. One way to consider it is that it is 1025 fives added together.

16. 9/23/15 is the day Autumnal Equinox which occurs at 3:22 AM CDT.

70th Anniversary of the UN Assembly

The 70th UN Assembly begins 9/15/15.  The Palestinian state issue could be decided during this session.

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