Sis. Fan’aye Zena-Selassie

Fan’aye SunLight Zena-Selassie is a visionary leader and the CEO of Rastafari TV Network and SITE Media, a digital media company that focuses on promoting Afrocentric culture, history, and social justice through various media channels. Born in Jamaica and raised in New Jersey, Fan’aye has always been passionate about social justice and cultural diversity. Her love for obscure knowledge gave her a deep love to travel throughout the world. Traveling has allowed her to gain a deep appreciation for the unique histories and traditions of different cultures.

As a proud member of the ancient Tewahedo faith and lover of Rastafari culture she was honored to be raised amongst the High Priest of Emperor Haile Selassie I, Abune Yesehaq or Abba Laike Mandefro as he is also known. Fan’aye is committed to using her media platform to promote positive images of Black culture and history. Under her leadership, Rastafari TV Network has become a leading digital media company, offering a range of programming that promotes cultural diversity, environmental stewardship, and social justice. Through her work, Fan’aye hopes to inspire a generation of socially responsible and culturally aware leaders who can work together to create a more just and equitable world.

In addition to her work with Rastafari TV Network and SITE Media, Fan’aye is also an accomplished multimedia professional and inspiring speaker. She has produced several episodes on Rastafari, social justice and regerative living. She frequently speaks at conferences and events around the world. Fan’aye’s tireless work and dedication to promoting cultural diversity and social justice have earned her numerous accolades, including recognition as one of the most influential Black female leaders in media.