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“Yea mon!

It’s wonderul seeing our people progress and become a success!
However, woe to those making us look bad!”


Before you read this article, let Us proclaim, that we do NOT support the exuberant amount of mismanaged millions of dollars paid to entertainers, sports figures and others who can buy a whole nation with just the INTEREST of their salaries.   First off, most of the companies we support had and still have a hand in funding the kidnap, genocide and enslavement of indigenous nations and tribes worldwide!  In fact, every time we participate in popular commerce, we fund our own genocide because not a dollar actually circulates in our communities!   If rich folks used these countless endorsements from blood money to make atonement over the matter,  seek JUSTICE, love MERCY and walk HUMBLY with Our God, we would hail their works and the heavens would rejoice!

Whether we like it or not, we are our brothers and sisters keepers and to whom much is given, much is expected.  The PEOPLE have ALL the POWER given by Our Awesome CREATOR!  Therefore, the PEOPLE build the brands, immortalize the infamous, build up the profits of vampire corporations and shadow religion and governments that profit from the blood, sweat and tears of the poor.  What a woe!  Yet they have no mercy to the suffering!  They offer no hand to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give drink to the thirsty or to EDUCATE the nation!

H.I.M. Emperor Haile said it’s the INACTION of the people that allow evil to triumph!  If we, Ethiopians, Children of The Most High, a Royal Priesthood, A Chosen Generation would HUMBLE ourselves and allow our heart to be pierced with LOVE and become Christ-like, poverty and oppression would have ceased long ago!   

This body was born in Jamaica, a once proud, and mighty race of leaders, small in size, yet great in Biblical and prophetic proportions, being 144,000 square miles, having 14 parishes named after great saints, the capital being Kingston, in older days, known as Kings Town, which in even further ancient of days, was called The Parish of St. David, would HUMBLE themselves, the Most High would look from Zion and heal the land!

Reading this story of USA/Jamaican athletes feud, I can’t help to wonder if things could have been handled better?   I think, if I were a silent witness, what would the REAL STORY be? For I am no longer proud of the way mainstream Jamaicans behave.   They have become pompous, arrogant, vulgar and ignorant, jinals (charlatans), big mouths, beggars, a den of whores, murderers and thieves .  Not ALL Jamaicans have become like that though.  Many, like myself, are fed up of the way we are being misrepresented by those in the limelight, stealing the people’s honest thunder, silencing the voice of the innocents, turning blind eyes to injustice and poverty and ignoring the righteous voice crying in the wilderness!

Bro. Berhane Selassie/Bob Marley sang it best to “chase these crazy bald heads out of town.”   Reggae artists Morgan Heritage reminds us in song “we don’t haffe dread fi be Rasta…it’s not a dreadlocks thing, Divine conception of the HEART. ”  Being a bald head is term used for those who like to SHAVE and CASTRATE, to remove EVIDENCE of ancient self, right order.  They like to SHAVE their own heads and shave revolutionaries who REBEL against the shit-stem.  Bald heads are likened to skin heads.

I never seen a rich man wish on his death bed, that he should’ve bought the red luxury car.   Worldwide, indigenous people are under brute force attack, ongoing genocide and we need help each other more than EVER!  I am praying for the perfect peace of the WORLD and to be the change I would like to see.  Our generation need to pull UP our PANTS so to speak, clean up our hearts and come for no evil can get on Zion train when it’s heading EAST and out of the way of Babylon’s destruction.  Rich man can’t buy seat pon Zion train!  BE the change you would like to see!

By the way, Gatorade is SO UNHEALHTY. (Read for Yourself)  Drink Coconut Water to replenish and give you vitality and long life!  Selah!


~ Sis. Fan’aye SunLight-Selassie
RTV Matriarch



IT is so! The United States athletics team were even intimidated by a drink with Jamaican sprint sensation Usain Bolt’s image on the label.

For long, rumours circulated that members of the United States team, which participated in the World Championships in Beijing, China last month, refused to even take a sip of the sport energy fluid Gatorade, all because Bolt advertises the product and the producers of the commodity proudly display the Trelawny-born’s photograph on certain bottles.

Now, the Jamaica Administrative Athletics Association (JAAA) has confirmed earlier talk that the USA squad members flatly decided against even taking a sip.

“That’s a fact. It happened that way,” the JAAA’s Media Officer Dennis Gordon told journalists during a Jamaica Observer Press Club discussion at the newspaper’s offices in St Andrew on Friday.

Teams from Jamaica and the USA stayed at the same Kuntai Hotel in Beijing, approximately one hour from the Bird’s Nest Stadium, and the rivalry spilled over from the track to the hotel, leading to the Jamaicans being called hooligans, Jamaican officials said.

“The hype going into the 100m final suggested that (Justin) Gatlin would have triumphed. On the bus, they were chanting USA! USA! Coming back, after Bolt’s victory, our athletes took them on and were singing ‘We are the champions of the world’, and it never went over well with them,” Gordon pointed out.


Bolt, 29, who is the fastest man in history and the greatest sprinter of all time, had struggled with injury all season leading up to Beijing, while Gatlin went into the championship on the back of a 29-race unbeaten streak and high on confidence of toppling the Jamaican supremo.

For the first time in over seven years a final had been billed as the battle for the soul of athletics. Bolt has never failed a drug test, while Gatlin has twice been banned for doping, so the match-up between the two was dubbed as a showdown between good and evil.

But more importantly, it was Jamaica taking on the mighty USA in yet another battle to determine the true sprinting kingdom.

To Gatlin’s and the Americans’ shock, Bolt won in a nail-biting 9.79 seconds, edging his pretender into second position, just one hundredth of a second back in 9.80 seconds.

While the thousands of spectators were celebrating yet another remarkable achievement for Bolt, Kuntai Hotel erupted in wild celebration from the Jamaicans, who shouted, jumped and cheered.

“The athletes who were at the hotel watching had an outburst and they (Americans) complained that they don’t want to share hotel with us anymore because we are hooligans,” revealed Gordon.

“But the night when (Ashton) Eaton broke the world record in the decathlon, they (the Americans) assembled in the hallway and greeted him with one big cheer and we were not offended,” he added.

“So they said that all the Gatorade that had Bolt’s picture on it, they are not going to drink it. So we said, give it to us. I don’t know what they did, but they didn’t drink it,” said Gordon.

Photo Credit: Getty Images for IAAF

Photo Credit: Getty Images for IAAF

Meanwhile, after a series of interviews in the mixed zone following the 100m triumph, Bolt took his last sip of a bottle of Gatorade and playfully threw the empty bottle in the direction of a Jamaican media worker, and indicated at the same time that the Americans refused to consume the replenishing drink.

A young female Chinese volunteer snatched the empty bottle that the fastest man ever had just drank from. She was ecstatic.

Bolt, who also has international endorsements with Puma and Hublot watches, is said to receive between £2 million and £3 million a year from Gatorade, and is said to receive a bonus every time he is pictured sipping the drink.

Jamaica, with a population of approximately 2.8 million, for the first time since the IAAF World Championships started in 1983, finished ahead of the USA, with a population of approximately 320 million, on the medals table.

With Bolt winning three gold, Jamaica ended with 12 medals overall — seven gold, two silver, and three bronze — to be second behind Kenya, with the Americans back in third.

The rivalry between the two countries has intensified since 2008 when Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce became the fastest human beings and Jamaica took over the title as the sprint capital of the world. The Americans have tried unsuccessfully for the last seven years to reclaim the throne.

gatorade unhealthy


Source: Jamaica Observer