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Lose your fear and inhibition! Instead of agony, childbirth can be ecstasy: the LABOR ORGASM! Watch it happens when you transform pain into sensations through natural breathing and hypnobirthing techniques. Watch this film and get in on the worlds best-kept secret: labor and birth can be pleasurable-even ecstatic. Better yet, pleasurable birth enhances the health of both mother and baby and creates a positive foundation for a lifetime.

Birth is a day you will never forget. A day that will transform you, your baby and your family. I have had the opportunity to be with women and men to celebrate their greatest joys. I’ve had the honor of watching women being born as mothers, men being born as fathers and families birthing themselves in pleasure and power! You deserve to give birth with dignity, love and pleasure.

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What is Orgasmic Birth?

Orgasmic Birth is a documentary that examines the intimate nature of birth, an everyday miracle, and the powerful role it plays in women’s lives when they are permitted to experience it fully. This documentary asks viewers to reexamine everything they thought they knew about giving birth and the potential it holds.

Undisturbed birth is revealed as an integral part of women’s sexuality and a widely neglected human right. Couples share their birth experiences, discussing their fears and how they found the support, nurturing, and ultimately the power and strength within themselves to labor and birth their babies in a beautiful, loving, and ecstatic way.

In the film, world-renowned midwife Ina May Gaskin helps us to understand the normal rhythms of labor and women’s ability to have ecstatic birthing experiences.

“It is possible to have an ecstatic birth—in fact, that is the best natural high that I know of. And these states of consciousness are best reached when a woman is fully aware and fully awake. Women don’t have a way to know how their body works until they really try it out in birth. I think that women can be just completely surprised by the change in them from giving birth—you have something powerful in you—that fierce thing comes up—and I think babies need moms to have that fierceness—you feel like you can do anything and that’s the feeling we want moms to have.”

Women can experience birth as sensual and pleasurable, and can enter a natural state of ecstasy. New research shows that the intimate experience of birth affects a woman’s life profoundly. Babies are also affected emotionally and physically, and, as many studies are showing, over the long term by their birth experience.

Orgasmic Birth examines ways in which our current system of care during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period disrupts the normal rhythms of birth and causes a myriad of other problems. Richard Jennings, Director of Midwifery at Bellevue Hospital Birth Center, New York City, says:

The question is, ‘Why not go to a high-risk hospital? No matter what goes wrong, they can deal with it.’ The problem is, as you get higher in the hierarchy, the more they treat every woman as if she is high risk.”


According to Maureen Corry, Executive Director of Childbirth Connection, New York City:

“Results of the U.S. Listening to Mothers Survey demonstrate that technology-intensive birth is the norm, with a majority of women reporting each of the following interventions while giving birth: electronic fetal monitoring, intravenous drip, artificially ruptured membranes, artificial oxytocin to strengthen contractions, and epidural analgesia.”

Although a small percentage of births benefit from the use of technology and surgery, the overuse of technology in hospital births today often causes more harm than good. The U.S. cesarean section rate for 2013 was 32.7%, well above what researchers consider safe and appropriate use (WHO recommends between 10-15%). Women today, trusting that all offered techniques and procedures are safe, eagerly accept epidural analgesia for pain relief and artificial oxytocin to induce or augment labor. However, these drugs and procedures have many negative short-term and long-term effects on mother and baby that should be considered and questioned. With almost one in three American women having a surgical birth, our experts look at the current data and discuss the risks that overuse of cesarean section is causing to mothers and babies.

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