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What is IBOGA? The African Psychedelic Drug

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Are you ready to get your mind blown?

Today, in Gabon, my local friend Patrick introduced me to the wild world of IBOGA — a psychedelic drug that is found in the roots of a special tree that only grows in Central Africa. It’s so potent that a single trip can last up to 7 days.

Patrick drove me an hour outside of Libreville to a tiny village, where we met a lady (who he calls Mama), who is known as the “Queen of Iboga.” She hosts people from all over the world to “initiate them” in a bizarre ceremony — which I participated in.

P.S. – If you are wondering, I only ate a small bite to taste it and did not feel any effect… I am not the type of person who would enjoy completely tripping out for days with no control. But I really enjoyed the rituals and learning all about it.

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