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September 11th 2019 Via the Ethiopian Calendar 🗓 We are In The Year 2012 soon about to be in 2013..

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Age of Aquarius ♒️ Eye go by what the Mayans always said which correlate with the Ethiopian Calendar 🗓 Fosho. We’re in 5D and Beyond depending on you and your DNA 🧬 upgrade Etc. Eye personally don’t follow the Gregorian Calendar 🗓 at all.. We have 13 months not 12 if You’re Tribal person like myself and your family passed down the information ℹ️ to you through out the years then you would know that the Gregorian Calendar is way off. They make sure 911 is in our face yet majority of us forgotten the significance of that day since the Fall meaning Colonization of our ppl, lands being stolen Etc.

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