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The History of My Chocolate Milk runs the gamut of dramatic emotion from grief to joy. We have a long road ahead of us but Slavery, forced wet-nursing and being used as guinea pigs for formula companies will not hold us down. We stand in “formation”, we breastfeed in “formation” and we are ‪#‎SlayingMyths‬. In 2016, Black women not only Breastfeed our babies but we do it looking good and standing in our Power. #SlayingMyths ‪#‎BreastfeedinginFormation‬ ‪#‎RaisingAwareness‬ ‪#‎WeHomeBirth‬ ‪#‎WeClothDiaper‬ ‪#‎WeBabyWear‬ Donate to our documentary: