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The Secret of the Black Virgin

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This is an excerpted video of a work in progress. The project is now called THE SECRET OF THE BLACK VIRGIN.

Jean Donohue first saw a black virgin at Rocamadour, France in 1979 while doing independent study of iconography for her art history degree. She was haunted by this strange, gaunt figure for years. And, after years of poking around and research, she finally made the connection. Her studies in Druidism, Arthurian legend, esoteric art of Alchemy and Hermeticism, Egyptian Mystery School she was finally shown the deep, dramatic connection between the black virgin, Isis, Mary Magdalene and the Knights Templar, and answers the question, ‘what does the black virgin have to tell us?”

This video reveals the extent to which Donohue will go to unearth a tenuous, yet powerful lineage of symbols, icons, sacred places all showing us the many paths and teachings of the Divine Feminine. The video is not inclusive of all the places visited and interviews conducted, but does show the esoteric direction the documentary will eventually take you, the seeker. So far the project has led Donohue to Devon, London, and Bristol, England; many locations in the south of France, the French Pyrenees, northern Spain, Egypt, and Ethiopia.

A winding, labyrinthine path, the documentary was actually started in 1997 with a grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women and the Ohio Arts Council. These funds allowed Donohue to travel to France for extended periods of research, invaluable for forming the foundation of the project. One winter in 2004, she felt an urgency to track down Ean Begg, the researcher and author of THE CULT OF THE BLACK VIRGIN. The grail of understanding the black virgin mysteries. Through his lectures, mostly in London, and memberships in Jungian organizations she tracked him to Edinburough, Scotland. And, just in time, he and his wife were packing up their household to move to Devon, England. A few months later Donohue and partner, Fred Johnson are on their way to Devon to interview the most erudite scholar on the black virgin. This interview has laid the foundation for what is to come for this project.

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