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Sacred Secretion / Christ Oil / True Anointing - HEAVEN ON EARTH

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Since the word “Lord” literally means “Light of the World”, Seeking the Lord means seeking the light.  God is supernatural and vision is supernatural sight, therefore vision is the ability to see with God’s eyes of unconditional love and limitless power.

Seeking the light is our way of having access to God.  The Bible tells us to seek God’s presence, but in fact we are ALWAYS in Gods presence because God created EVERYTHING and is EVERYTHING, including us.  God’s ever-present light is sustaining and governing all things.  God is eternally committed to loving us, uplifting us and aligning everything to work for our greatest good.

But our carnal senses trick us into feeling like the Lord God (Light of the World) is not always with us.  IT IS FOR THIS REASON THAT WE MUST “SEEK THE LORD CONTINUALLY”.

We all have times when we are busy and prioritize other things before God; forgetting to seek and becoming neglectful. It is during these times that our frustrations deepen and God appears to be further and further away.

Gods shining face and the exuberance of unconditional love, hope and power become hidden behind the veil of our carnal desires.  This (d)evil condition is always there, ready to kill, steal and destroy.

So if you prefer to have a life full of love, hope, peace, power and success then having vision (super natural Godly sight) is IMPERATIVE.  Because the clocks will always continue to tick; time and chance never cease to occur.  All things cannot be added to us until we seek the Lord God (Light of the World) FIRST.


What if I were to tell you that Christ’s crucifixion takes place in the brain?  Jesus Christ was crucified at a place just outside Jerusalem called Calvary, but what the word Calvary actually meant in the original biblical language was “Skull.”  In the human body there is a nerve known as the “Tree of Life”, it protrudes from the skull.  It is this nerve, the “Vagus Nerve” that crucifies (meaning refines or transforms) the Sacred Secretion (or Christ Oil) into our Pineal gland causing us to see God face to face and receive the true anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Genesis 32:30 “Jacob named the place Peniel (Pineal) because, he said, “I saw God face-to-face and lived to tell the story!”

This is a biological and physiological description of the journey made by Christ (The Christ Oil or Sacred Secretion) through the body and some practical instructions on how to honour it raise it and exemplify it in order to be fully enlightened, just as God intended.

Christ was the living embodiment of God’s perfection and biblically we are told that Christ’s Holy Spirit dwells inside all of us.  But what you may not know is how astoundingly literal Christ is inside our physical body.

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