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Rizza Islam On His Solution On Covid-19

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#CoronaVirus – SOLUTIONS!🔥✊🏿. I was done with watching so many platforms, people and news outlets pushing this EXAGGERATED information about the Corona virus when the reality is that it is nowhere NEAR as “deadly” as they are trying to make it seem but in reality they are attempting to SCARE the people into being overwhelmingly vaccinated per the “Healthy people 2020” plan. Beyond this is #depopulation plain & simple. All of this occurring coincidentally during ELECTION TIME and during Americas height of DEBT to where they NEED the 55 billion barrels of oil from the beneath the feet of the Iranian people! It gets much deeper but nonetheless the Corona virus is meaningless in the presence of a strong immune system. Build it up and be secure in knowing that you have taken the proper steps in preventing yourself from falling into the agenda. Simple.

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