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REVEALED! Criminals & Sexual Predators Posing As Rastafari & Why I Did Not Post in 5 Months

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Selamta! Tenayestiliyn!

I am Sis. Fan’aye SunLight-Selassie, the Barefoot Heiress & MatriARChitect and founder of SITEMedia & RasTafari TV Network Collective. I am making this official statement to remove our networks’ support from individuals and organizations we’ve identified as having nefarious motives, who spread false teachings and blasphemous doctrines within the Rastafari and global community. These entities do not follow the teachings of our esteemed majesties, H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I & H.R.H. Empress Woizero Menen. Nor do they honor or represent the royal and priestly culture of the Solomonic Dynasty. It has been revealed that these entities are hiding criminals and sexual predators within their circles. Though conflicts will arise, Rastafari TV Network strives to follow in the footsteps of our Majesties and heed the words of their teachings. It is our duty to solve problems through divine guidance, peacekeeping, and conflict resolution.

Our mission is to curate a sacred space to archive and publish digital artifacts for cultural awareness and the preservation of our Divine culture as gleaned through the life and faith of Qedemawi Haile Selassie. Rastafari TV is organically grown, which means we’ve never paid to boost our posts and have grown only by word of mouth internationally. RTV reaches over 140+ countries and 45 languages daily. Many think I’m crazy because I didn’t go after the money, but instead, I chose to follow my heart to take the time to raise my family first and to be of service to those less fortunate.

We give thanks to our amazing subscribers and wonderful supporters who have shown us an incredible outpouring of love and support throughout the years. You have made us the people’s choice by sharing our content, subscribing on social media, following our works or visiting the archive on Rastafari.TV. Today, we return the love and restore the power in the hands of the people because the people is the voice of the almighty. The New Rastafari TV is now a for-profit corporation, ready to monetize and offer advertisers an incredible opportunity to reach a unique niche market worldwide. Content creators who share the same ideals now have a space to collaborate to tell our narrative and publish, set up a standard, and conceal not. I am truly honored and grateful as chief developer and archivist to oversee such noble works as Rastafari TV Network.

Our team has done many years of selfless service, donated an incredible amount of sweat equity, and spent thousands of dollars, sponsoring projects. Our flagship project was our Annual Haile Selassie High School Health Fair powered by one of our hero’s Dr. Trevor Dixon and JAHJAH Foundation. RTV has shipped over 1000 pounds of school supplies to the school our Majesties built in St. Andrew Jamaica. We provided well-needed social services, sponsored field trips, paid exam and school and technology fees, and provided environmental cleanup initiatives by forming our EAT Eco Club. SITEMedia our Mothership company funded it all and provided top-notch multimedia services to those seeking assistance to what at the time seemed like worthy causes.

On January 9, 2022, I made an unscripted social media post where I expressed an outcry about the alarming rates in which youth were coming forward suffering from sexual trauma. They were being preyed on by pedophiles and child abusers within the Rastafari community. This topic of taboo caused a great stir and the video quickly became viral. The following day in a post, I made myself vulnerable as I told my testimony that I too was a survivor of sexual abuse. I promised to do my part to offer just one solution to this global crisis. I created a secure online portal where licensed counselors and therapists could log in to start the tender journey of healing. I asked for help from our community and some good souls and light workers responded to assist in counseling. However, the most influential entities who claim they are doing the works of Our Majesties did not respond. My pleas fell on deaf ears to those I thought could help us the most.

After hearing more graphic accounts, parents, especially mothers started coming forward. They were in tears, totally distraught. Their children, now grown up, in their 20s and 30s were targeted as sacrifices as a youth began to confess this terrible secret that they have been hiding. The same recurring names and groups were being called out for these ungodly acts. To add insult to injury, a good amount of people who saw the post thought I was referring to them. Even though I didn’t call their names in the post, both males and females reached out to us, trying to clear their names by telling their stories. In the process, they revealed their own secret “sins”. Others called to expose friends and throw them under the bus. It was like rats fleeing a sinking ship. What a woe! When did Rastafari people get mixed up in such deplorable acts? How do so-called righteous people get caught up in these scandals? This took a toll on Iself and I had to unplug. I was on information overload and some past traumas began to surface in me. I went on a well-needed Sabbatical for about 4 months to rest and give myself some self-love and care and do the introspective soul work to gain strength and clarity. I sought Divine guidance, meditated, ate well, sat in the sun, spent lots of time in nature, prayed, fasted, and detoxed. I began to see that I was unequally yoked with those who might have been good folks, but their soul was unwell, and others were simply putrid.

I was reminded that historically, many of the original Rastafari elders had afros. It wasn’t until The Honorable Leonard Percival Howell, also known as The Gong or G.G. Maragh, became Jamaica’s prestigious spiritual figure and father of the Rastafari Movement. He revealed the prophecy of the crowning of the Black King Ras Teferi Makonnen, coming from the priestly lineage of Yahshua The Black Christ, and the 225th descendant of the royal lineage of King David, King Solomon, and Queen Makeda also known as The Queen of Sheba. Ras Teferi Makonnen would be The Great Liberator for All Black People Worldwide. It was Leonard Howell who coined the phrase in patois as Rastafari. Daddy Howell often kept company, reasoned, and shared knowledge with the East Indian migrants and Sadhus that were living in Jamaica during the early 1920s. The Howellites or “First Rasta” adopted their vegetarian or ital lifestyle. The Sadhu’s long locks and stories of the goddess Kali introduced marijuana which came to be known as collie weed.  About 4800 Howellites lived at the Pinnacle of St. Catherine and this infamous Ethiopian World Federation community became Jamaica’s first multi-million dollar free slave community. The members of this community were known to be skilled artisans and laborers who were deeply respectful and mannerly. They became wealthy by cultivating ganja and other agricultural products.

I was honored to be raised within a large Ethiopian and Rastafari family. My ancestors represent generations of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Faithful. The high priest who was raised in the palace of Our Majesty, Abune Yesehaq, or as he was known Abba Laike Mandefro, helped to raise us and instilled a lot of my values. He used to call me “My Militant” and prophecied over me at the age of 14. He was our wonderful counselor and godfather who gave I the name Fan’aye which means the torch, or the light, as in The Sunlight. Our Majesty is the Defender of this royal faith which is an integrally African faith. Ethiopia is the mother of Christianity before it was debased, corrupted, and whitewashed by the Vatican. Ethiopia is our Mother. She is the breadbasket of Africa and the oldest known bones are found in her. She is the only nation in Africa that was never colonized. Why? Because Ethiopia is the keeper of the ARC of the covenant to this day and prophecy states that he who holds the ARC shall never be conquered. Ethiopia holds ancient relics and scrolls including the once forbidden Book of Enoch. Ethiopia has the oldest Bible revealing the prophecies and the true identity of the Black Madonna and The Black Christ. In her teaching is the secret to unlocking our greatest potential and our supernatural power. There is but ONE order.

I have always known Rastafari to be a benevolent and mystical movement. I grew up with a tribe of Rastafari families who lived in love and oneness. We all raised each other’s children and everyone was an idren. We ate from the same calabash, slept in the same beds, and bathed nude in rivers and the experience was pure and unadulterated, simply natural and priceless. The Rastafari I knew chanted Psalms by heart for hours while beating Binghi drums till a weak heart stop the wicked drop. Rastafari reverenced the holy scriptures, spoke words of wisdom to all, and smoked the holy herb as a sacrament to many. Some Rastafari people don’t smoke at all, eat dairy, flesh, or drink strong drinks. They don’t entertain gossiping tongues nor discriminate or hate. The original scientist and holy man and woman I find is the True Rastafari sun and dawta. True Rastafari people are family-oriented and aim to uplift and advance the nation. These wise and caring sages share a wealth of knowledge to fullcourage a vital livity to benefit the irits and the purification of the mind and soul.

Distraction and illusion have always been great weapons of the adversary. Today’s modern dreads are something else. They are not cut from the same cloth as the ones who came before. These Nazi dreads spew blasphemous words, and despise the teaching of the Holy Scriptures even though Emperor Selassie I said he gloried in the Bible. These rascals denounce Yahshua as Messiah and walk in the walks of the antichrist. Even though H.I.M. was a high priest and Defender of the Faith of Christ, they still refuse to follow H.I.M. words. Our Majesty told the world to look to Our Messiah for our redemption and salvation. He gave many speeches and teachings fullcouraging us to live a godly and Christlike life. When we say Christ, we do not mean the fake Jesus of the Vatican but the Christ of the teachings of the Black Hebrews and Ethiopians. This mystical rising of the divine super consciousness ushers in the mystery of how we become at ONE with GOD. In Amharic language, Kiduse Selassie means Holy Trinity. Haile Selassie means might or power of the Holy Trinity. The Kidusan is the Holy Creator, the other, Haile is the created who receives the power of Source, The Benevolent Creator. It is evident in his many speeches of the great love and reverences Our Majesties he had for the faith. It seems in every nation when the ascended master leaves this earth plane, the followers usually start a cult-like following instead of realizing they too can embody great heights of divinity. Instead, they choose to worship something or someone outside of themselves when The Source of Life, the Sacred Spirit dwells within us. That is the mystery and majesty of the Tewahedo Faith. The faith is different than the church. The faith is eternal.

Rastafari TV Network immediately withdraw support from entities who were using us to advance their selfish and egotistical gain. They were harvesting our energy and leached onto our noble network to ride on our integrity and good name. These overzealous, self-hating agents were mere talkers and not doers of the mission. They are exploiting our people, and have been abusing and bullying, women, elders, and children for decades. They are self-appointed autocrats, teaching with a forked tongue. They are corrupt to the core and bear noxious fruit. They mask as good souls but are indeed wolves in sheep’s clothing. These create their own doctrine and spread hatred and dissension among the various groups and mansions. They create an even heavier yoke of oppression for impressionable minds seeking righteous guidance. These race traitors have placed guns in the hands of our youth to cause needless wars and countless murders. We now leave them to their bitter fate. As for INI, we have divine work to do. Our only focus now is US.

People are waking up to a new consciousness and becoming spiritually mature. You simply can’t fool them anymore. In closing, I share an excerpt from H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I address to the United Nations on Oct 6, 1963

“Where are we to look for our survival, for the answers to the questions which have never before been posed? We must look, first, to the Almighty God, Who has raised man above the animals and endowed him with intelligence and reason. We must put our faith in Him, that He will not desert us or permit us to destroy humanity which He created in His image. And we must look into ourselves, into the depth of our souls. We must become something we have never been and for which our education and experience and environment have ill-prepared us. We must become bigger than we have been: more courageous, greater in spirit, larger in outlook. We must become members of a new race, overcoming petty prejudice, owing our ultimate allegiance, not to nations but our fellow men within the human community.”

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