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RaStar ‘V’ – CERTZ – Pilgrim (Ethiopia)

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In 2012 Certz went to Ethiopia:


For the millions, inside then outside its a pilgrim! I’m forever on this true world tip, while their concerned about FB pics, are they ready to be unplugged I can’t call it, I don’t want the blind to feel awkward, but word fi spread the other half so many ain’t heard it yet. I’ve worn that T-shirt only if they could fit in mine, skin by skin leave the old ways behind, spiritually shed it off, I’m a perfectionist in the true world who’s not?

Everynight I dream what’s the reason, Jah said sow seeds in His season, not the book but these religions are deceiving, without truth your life has no meaning, but do they know this, I look deep in their eyes and see they feel hopeless, is that why they leave their yard without no motive, about socialise, soon fi change my name too westernized , zombies everywhere look left and right, stay on the straight path don’t step aside, path is narrow and it feels like it’s getting tight, what use to bother me don’t bother me, now what bothers me never thought it was a problem G, now I don’t just want to I’ve got to live properly not everyone’s His child it’s obvious to me, care less bout your name care more about the elements water and flame, inhale the herb baptism was a pain, if I went back in time I say “come again”, who overs problems your thoughts ponder how to solve it, if I want more healing I better be focused, Jah has no time for jokas, even though it’s a rap please take this seriously, I’m spitting actual facts not just theory, holy one come near me, cause fortunately, you can see things clearly, when I think about her, Ethiopia, mother of cultures, refuge for religions, never colonized already was Christian, Muslims Christians show love in Nigeria see the bigger picture, purify your thoughts would never move like that if you knew the source… Light up the darkness, I can’t see, light up darkness, I can’t walk, light up the darkness, I can’t read, light up the darkness, yu av a lighta, light up the darkness, clench your fist, light up the darkness, show love, light up the darkness, spread peace, to light up the darkness

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