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Introducing The New RasTafari.TV

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Rastafari TV Network is curating and sharing our space to collaborate on a sacred mission.

We are beginning to create and produce content that engages audiences and encourages viewers to preserve and protect our sacred knowledge, places, and cultural artifacts. Our new series of short episodes, Art + Facts, Exodus, Ital Love Life, and Sacred – The Healing Herb. We’re offering a creative way to raise the positive vibration and shift the collective consciousness of the people to higher Heights, and promote international morality on a massive level.

We cherish incredible sacred things like the Ark of The Covenant, The Emerald Tablets, The Bagha Vita, and The Pyramids texts. We make pilgrimages to sacred places like Lalibela, Mount Kenya, Mt Ararat, the Great Mosque of Mecca, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and The Great Pyramids of Giza. For centuries, there have been guardians who vow to serve and protect our sacred knowledge, places, and artifacts and to keep them safe for posterity. Rastafari TV Network is one of the guardians and Defenders of our sacred truth and knowledge.

Our people and planet are in great danger. We are facing a man-made, self-induced annihilation and mass extinction of epic proportions. Our sacred places and things are also being pilferage and desecrated by those who weaved a sinister plan to hide our glory in plain sight. When ones do not cherish and overstand the Divine, ancestral and intrinsic value of our Sacred knowledge and things, then we no longer become deeply rooted in our faith and culture. Our delicate and fragile life now hangs in the balance.

THERE IS A GREAT SHIFT happening in the consciousness of the planet. If you’re distracted by the government, religion, and media propaganda you may miss the most awesome event of a lifetime. Before us is the unfolding and glory of the Majesty of creation and the incredible rebirth and renewal of a more pristine life. We all play an important and great role in restoring the natural balance of all creation.

We desire to team up with educators, artists, archivists, philanthropists, griots, historians, healers, and masters of their crafts to tell their stories. We have built an ARC within Rastafari TV Network. Let’s fill her with the most precious of sacred knowledge and artifacts for posterity.

By producing enriching content created to educate and inspire cultural preservation, many will come to treasure and value, the importance of protecting and preserving, sacred knowledge, places, and things. Amazing creatives with like minds now have a space to collaborate from around the world to play their diverse roles to publish, set up a standard, and conceal not!

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