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REVEALING MY STORY. I’m being open, truthful, and vulnerable to begin the HEALING process in our community. CALLING all healers and therapists who are willing to come together with the heart of pure LOVE to create a sacred and safe space to heal. I was raped and molested so many times I thought it was normal until I was being beaten by my boyfriend at the age of 19 and I fell and hit my head and it brought back the violations. I had to do years of soul work to turn my scars into stars and desire to share the stories of great survivors like myself who will usher in purity and LOVE to make us WHOLE not just holy. HEALERS willing to join us please email info@rastafari.tv #healingfromtrauma #oneness #unconditionallove #healingspace #survivors #healers #mentalhealth #emotionaltrauma #sexualtrauma #selflove #selfcare #revernceofself #soulwork #rastafari #rastafaritv

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