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The Magical World of Vlisco Group African Fabrics

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Since 1846 Vlisco has been designing and producing colourful fashion fabrics that form an essential part of the lively West and Central African culture.
Create a corporate film for the Vlisco group which gives a taste of the magic of Vlisco and provides enough information for people to understand their vision: ‘Connect and inspire the world through the design of African print’.
We believe the target audience is more interested in the inspirational heritage than the exact dates and facts of when and where the ships landed. They want to be inspired. They want to feel the richness and breath of Vlisco. They want to know what Vlisco can mean for them, for their products, for their creativity.
We believe that Vlisco fabrics and fashion light up the surroundings. They give a taste of magic in daily life. Within the corporate movie we wanted to show a glimpse of this magic world Vlisco creates.
This is why we set out to create a location filled with ‘inspirational’ places. A place where the inspiration for all Vlisco fabrics are born and where we show their magical appeal. It’s also a place which shows that Vlisco is a company with a rich history and heritage. This world we call the Magical Mansion.
1 . Inspiration: At the beginning of the film we move towards the mansion, at the centre of a wide countryside filled with objects which have inspired pattern designers at Vlisco. This world symbolizes the inspirational garden for Vlisco.
2 . The history of the Vlisco DNA: The entrance of the magic mansion shows the rich history of Vlisco. In the frames on the wall we can see the historical patterns of the Vlisco family.
3 . Design and tailor: With the stairway we symbolize the design process of patterns and tailoring. The product is elevated to a higher level. Fabrics come to life on the shoulders of women.
4 . Four Brands: On the second floor we find the Vlisco-group brand spaces. Four different models and surroundings represent the different brands and brand values.
1 The room with the swing represents the Vlisco brand a Premium Dutch design that embodies African pride.
2 The abstract shopping mall environment represents Woodin, the optimism of the modern African lifestyle.
3 The space with the old printing-press represents the ivorian style of the Uniwax brand.
4 The scene with the umbrellas represent GTP brand. Proudly Ghanaian for a joyful life.
5. VG family: In the mirror room the four brands are united, forming the Vlisco family who invites you to create and inspire with Vlisco fabrics.
Client: Vlisco
Agency: Shoq studio
Director: Kevin Megens (ARTIBITE)
Asistant director: Heerko Groefsema
Art Direction: Heerko Groefsema & Kevin Megens (ARTIBITE)
Concept: Menno Fokma, Floris Vos, Wouter Kroese (WOUW),Kevin Megens (ARTIBITE)
Storyboarding: Gustavo Garcia
Producer: Alexander Kosman
Copy writer: Jack Stafford
DOP: Diderik Stijnen
Focus puller: Mack
Gaffer: Gregor vd Kamp
Electrician: Mark Huisman
Grip: Daan Dillo
Visual merchandiser: Tjarda Wessels
Stylist: Gerardo Reyna
Tailor: Christien
Hairstylist: Irene Peters
Make-up: Vlisco
Art Department: Artstikke
Model Agency: Favourite Models
Studio: Studio Nieuw Zuid Het Licht
Model Vlisco: Jessica
Model Uniwax: Annemiek
Model Woodin: Manuel
Model GTP: Rabia
Runner: Wiebe Willemsen
Editing: Kevin Megens (ARTIBITE)
3D Modeling: Heerko Groefsema, Ton Mikkers & Kevin Megens (ARTIBITE)
Compositing: Heerko Groefsema & Kevin Megens (ARTIBITE)
Animation & VFX: Heerko Groefsema & Kevin Megens (ARTIBITE)
Rotoscoping: Kars van Geenen
Music, Sounddesign / SFX: Horus audio

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