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Keachia Bowers Testimony | Mission Haile Selassie High School

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Sis. Keachia Makeba​ gives a deep testimony on how she became interlinked to this Mission.  Our Majesties built a school in Jamaica and the youth are now in crisis mode.  It’s grossly underfunded by the Jamaican government and receive very little or no funding even by Reggae artists. We realize it’s OUR DUTY to care for the school because the elitist don’t like “Rasta” so it’s futile to depend on them.  RTV adopted the HSHS and every year we organize a free health fair through our friend Dr. Trevor Dixon’s JahJah Foundation​. Please share the love and help carry on the legacy of Our Majesties by WORKS and not merely in words.  https://donate.rastafari.tv |  To contact Sis. Keachia please link Movements for Change, LLC​

TEACHINGS OF HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY…”I would broadly say wherever there is African blood there is a basis for greater unity. We must also help each other in our endeavors to expand education, to raise the standard of living of our respective peoples. To this end we wish to signify the appreciation of the sentiments held by the Jamaican people for the Ethiopian people and as a manifestation of our sincere friendship, within our very limited means, we have made an agreement with the Jamaican Government to establish a school for Jamaicans here. I am confident that all the preliminary procedures will be concluded so that the construction of the school will commence within the near future. Lastly, may God give wisdom and His blessings to the people of Jamaica. Thank you.”

April 21, 1966

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