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Inside An Off-Grid Hippie Community in Costa Rica

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In this video, I share my experience of spending a week at Punta Mona, an off-the-grid permaculture ecovillage and hippie commune tucked inside the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.

Punta Mona is an off-the-grid permaculture community home to hundreds of varieties of tropical fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, and medicinal plants. The humans who inhabit this land are passionate about living in harmony with nature and each other.

Founded in 1997 by visionary permaculture expert and plant wizard, Stephen Brooks, Punta Mona was built for sustainability and regenerative living, as a solution to the modern ways of life that are destroying natural systems.

When I saw Punta Mona featured on the hit Netflix show, “Down to the Earth with Zac Efron” I knew it was a place I needed to visit someday. I didn’t expect that day to come so quickly. So when I was invited by my dear friend Kiley to spend New Years’ at Punta Mona, I knew I had to go. I made the decision last minute to take off to Costa Rica after Christmas, to witness how the community at Punta Mona lives.

Throughout my week at Punta Mona, I met so many incredible human beings who care so much about the Planet and being good stewards of this earth. I learned so much about permaculture, sustainability, farming, growing food, off-the-grid living, solar energy, composting, and all sorts of regenerative techniques that allow humans to live more sustainably and in harmony with the land.

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