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Curacao is one of the most popular attractions for countless cruise ships on their trips through the Caribbean, because it is located outside of the hurricane belt. This is why Eric Miguel is constantly in action. He is the bridge keeper of the Queen Emma Bridge, the landmark of Curacao’s capital, Willemstad. After his shift, Eric goes to Yvonne Troeman’s cook-shop. Her speciality is Kadushi, a cactus soup. The ingredients include cactus flesh, pigtail’s, mussels and a few secret “treats”.

Barbara van Bebber is the only submarine pilot on Curacao and literally gets to the bottom of things amidst the turquoise-blue wonder of the Caribbean. She charters out her sub to marine biologists and wealthy private explorers, simultaneously cleaning up on the seabed. Her “Curasub” has claw arms, which she employs to remove anything that doesn’t belong down there: beer bottles, car tyres, and plastic refuse.
Jeroen Eikelenboom simply carts sand from a neighbouring cove to his own surf club in his favourite bay.