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Importance of Self-Love, The First Step to Loving God

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I became unwell in January 2022 and felt as if I reached death’s door and emerged into a rebirth. I experienced a life-changing visit by the Divine. Our Benevolent Creator sat by my bed and told me to love myself. The Divine revealed I was being very hard on myself and not caring for myself the way I cared for others.

I must confess that secretly, past traumas, torture and abuse, and the filthiness of the world engulfed my will to want to live. On the outside, I had a smile but inside I was mourning. I never had a great love to live and was ready to make my Maker anytime. The bad memories outweighed my good ones so deep inside, I never was a big fan of living life on planet Earth.

At that moment, I realized what I had been doing to myself and felt an incredible sadness. It was revealed that The Almighty is deeply saddened when we do not love and honor ourselves. When we love ourselves, we honor and reverence the Divine within the self! The Most Highest is saddened when we do not love ourselves and wish to die, commit suicide, abuse, or neglect ourselves. We must FIRST love ourselves before we can love anyone else. When your love and respect yourself, you love and respect others.

I was told we must reverence ourselves just like we do the saints. The difference between the saints and us is that saints are always purifying the soul. Saints have a love for benevolence and is always looking within themselves as they meditate on being better. They walk with love and humility and the countenance on their faces shine with divine love. We have the ability to easily become saints or earth angels.

I was ushered into the light and told it is wrong to look for God outside of oneself. Apart from those with special needs, it is wrong to expect anything from anyone that you cannot give your own self. It is wrong to expect anyone to carry your own burdens and weight if you cannot carry your own weight. This was a profound message and I dropped to my knees, facing the east, and wept, asking forgiveness.


I was told by The Divine, “I’ve already forgiven you a long time ago!” Now you must ask you to forgive yourself!”. Suddenly, Divine LOVE poured deep within my soul from my crown to the soles of my feet. I realized for the first time the importance of loving oneself. That day I made it my honor and duty to send a message of love to all my siblings and loved ones. The energy was immense, expansive, and life-changing. I received a rebirth.

Today, I’m practicing self-love, honoring myself with self-care, healthy food, fitness, wellness therapies, and good thoughts. I am retraining my mind to think right and feeding the mind, body, and soul with positive affirmations. I’ve made an incredible playlist of my favorite music (positive only) in every genre and selected only empowering or edutaining media and movies. I do what it takes to stay up and happy and I’m feeling lighter these days. I’m taking time to discover myself and smell the roses along the way. These days I’m experiencing life versus trying to cop out of life.

I accept myself fully and treat myself with kindness and respect, and nurture and honor my growth, expansion, and wellbeing.

I reverence the divinity within I and invite you to do the same.

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