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Hillary Clinton's Campaign Manager John Podesta and the Strange Ritual of Spirit Cooking

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The strange practice of #SpiritCooking has come to the forefront of the social media world (probably not the mainstream media) because of it being mentioned within the WikiLeaks emails alongside Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign manager – John Podesta. The emails in question are a few that were sent back and forth between Podesta’s brother, Tony, and a woman named Marina Abramovic. Marina is a practitioner of something called “Spirit Cooking.” According to her, the practice is something that is purely a form of abstract art once done in public, but is much more than that one done in a private setting, like a dinner. In the emails, Abramovic invited Tony Podesta to Spirit Cooking dinner at her home, and asked him to bring his brother, presumably Tony.

Emails show that Tony forwarded John the email, and in the message above the forwarded message, he says “Marina wants you to come to dinner” or something to that effect. There is no evidence that John Podesta attended the dinner, but the way the emails were sent denote a personal connection. Why would Tony say “Marina wants you to come to dinner” if he was unfamiliar with her? The first-name-basis thing sounds like he is very familiar with her. Is it appropriate for the Democratic Presidential nominee’s campaign manager to have cordial association with an essential satanist?

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