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It is a well-known fact that since the beginning of the pandemic and even BEFORE the pandemic Rizza Islam along with a few others were exposing the wicked agenda that this government has laid out by way of injections.

Early 2021 Rizza Islam along with 11 others were placed on a list by this government called the “Disinformation Dozen”. This list was then announced by the Whitehouse and Rizza Islams platforms along with the other 11 were subsequently removed 1-by-1. The reason they gave was that this group of 12 was responsible for spreading 65 to 70% of all “misinformation” across the internet where Covid & injections were concerned. It turns out however that the 12 were RIGHT and the government was wrong!

As a result of this censorship a lawsuit was sparked against Anthony Fauci and over 60 officials connected to the Biden administration who worked in a collective manner with social media/big tech companies to strategically remove Rizza Islam and others from all social media platforms which overtly violated their 1st amendment rights namely their freedom of speech.…

They were removed from these platforms, defamed & slandered publicly all to be proven correct. Now Anthony Fauci along with Biden officials must face charges of collusion and Justice couldn’t have come at a better time!