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Dr Hew Len Interview

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We can delete all negative programming within us using “Ho’opono’pono” or “The delete method” as I call it, we all have immense amounts of negativity within us that enslaves us secretly.
This video is for those who really want freedom & God ‘s power. Very few will read this & watch over & over & over & study this method until it sinks in, most will watch once or not even reach the end, they will not understand enough & leave complaining comments about the interviewers or Dr Hew Len still not knowing that the problems they see in others are in their own consciousness. If you do keep watching & listening & once fully understood you will embark on the 24/7 job of cleaning yourself up on the inside WHICH IS WHY WE ARE ALL HERE & if you keep going you will become a miracle worker, period.

Simply put everyone else is your & my reflection/creation in our own life story, we are watching our own movie being projected from within onto the invisible 3d video screen that is all around us, all other people play the characters in our own life story/movie according to our inner state, any kind of judgement of anything or anyone is enslaving us because we are judging ourselves, we are simply seeing ourselves in others & we don’t know it, it can be no other way.

There is nothing outside our physical eyes that is not conforming to our own overall inner state of being. An example being that if YOU have sufficiently cleaned yourself up on the inside so no negative programs are replaying in your mind then you are free, this means that whoever you interact with must conform to your inner state of being, your inner projection, a serial killer could show up & shoot everyone in sight but he would stop & buy you a coffee & feel love towards you while killing everyone else, a stranger could send you a cheque for 10 million with no strings attached etc etc.

It is the hardest thing to accept that the people who wrong us are doing it because of us, our own inner belief system running riot is creating problematic behaviour in others yet it is the thing that brings the greatest reward, freedom. On this journey it’s ok to get angry, to lose it, to be frustrated in the moment as long as you get back to accepting responsibility for whatever happened ASAP & get back to cleaning, it has to be utterly relentless.

We are 100% responsible for everything and once it sank in from 2011 I walked around with headphones & mp3 player for 4 years night & day with my own voice on repeat saying ” I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you” until I started saying it in my head by default as I do now, as I did it & still do it my negative programming showed up/shows up as people, situations, experiences etc that most would deem negative but this is my programming revealing itself in everyday life, offering itself for deletion, I am now reaching the point where I am actually happy when bad things show up as I know the origin of it, it’s on the inside of me & I can be free of it once & for all if I keep deleting.
The worse things get the more I know it is working, the more programming is being deleted.

If you are doing the work life will eventually become miraculous I promise you. If someone steals your car you made it happen, forgive & move on. If someone attacks you in any way you made it happen, forgive & move on. If you hate others you simply hate yourself. If your partner cheats on you guess what ? you made it happen with negative programming/memories replaying in the subconscious.
Forgive & Love all because from your perspective everything is YOU. In general, we do not need to direct this method to any particular situation or person, all that’s required is that we keep saying it in our heads, out loud, written down or whatever, the source/God within takes care of & knows what needs to be deleted. Just keep doing it & if the shit hits the fan do it more, don’t stop & you won’t be stopped, no government, no army, no reptilian/archon/satan or whatever can affect someone who takes full responsibility for everything that comes their way, they are all within our minds & nowhere else.
Expect problematic people, situations, experiences, health, wealth etc to reach a crescendo & then completely turn around sometimes instantly into pure happiness & miracles, & when they do don’t fall into the trap of asking why, YOU KNOW WHY. Just be in awe of the god-force within YOU & what it can do.

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