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Why don't you care about young black boys when they're alive?

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Give children all around the world the opportunity to showcase their greatness.

Nine-year old King Nyeeam Hudson (King Nahh) is a motivational speaker who loves to inspire parents and children. Nyeeam firmly believes that children should have fun and learning should be creative. His powerful inspiration and messages teaches both youth and adults, about learning, love, family, safety, community involvement, creative and how to have fun while learning.

For the past several years, this mature-minded young man has been, and continues to be, a much-listened to voice for so many; capturing national celebrity attention and audiences of local officials as well as staunch supporters of various community organizations. He is a dedicated student of the FP YouthOutCry Foundation; who continues to support and encourage King Nahh; join him as he ventures forth on his journey to Entertain, Educate and Empower the world’s children, youth and young adults.
With his positive messages, and consistent dedication to his followers, King Nahh’s social media has accumulated 400,000 (national and international) views and friend requests in just a few short months. In October 2014, a pivotal moment happened during a speaking engagement; words of peace and love were re-directed into reality. This became the beginning of national media coverage secured with CBS-New York, NJ NEWS-12, Colorado Newsday, and Dailymail.co.uk; just to name a few.
Within a very short time, Nyeeam has met and communicated with many incredible children. Many of whom have expressed that they do not have adequate opportunities to showcase their greatness. From these concerns, King Nahh decided to enlist his trusted friend to help; Mr. Bookee – leading as a fun-teaching book-bag mascot promoting education, literacy, health and wellness, public safety, community engagement, character development, the arts, youth leadership and more! Mr. Bookee tours with King Nahh and participates in countless youth and educational events. In the words of Mr. Bookie “You are what you learn! Become a learning buddy and spark an educational movement.”

It is Nyeeam Hudson’s genius who took things a step further. He envisioned creating a documentary that will give children all around the world a chance to showcase their greatness and creativity. Students who earn good grades in school usually get overlooked and often times do not have a platform recognizing their academic accomplishments. Thus, The Children Are The Future project (IndieGoGo.com) is a campaign where an open dialogue will be centered around honor-roll students as well as those who have a positive form of expression but have no creative outlet.
Of course the documentary will engage conversations from educators; this is an important venture and it would not be complete without their input. The purpose-driven goal of the campaign is to allow youth to speak freely, and creatively while obtaining different perspectives on education and discover ways to help tap into their individual creativity through learning; this will be a key character in this documentary.

The Children Are The Future campaign is more than just an idea; King Nahh is committed to spearheading this effort and seeks help from those who fully understand his inspiration, his words of lecture, his caring for his peers, countless hours of brainstorming new ways to make our world better – by keeping children happy. This is why everyone’s help and support is needed. King Nahh says, “Help me spread my message and campaign. I want to create my first film to give children all around the world the opportunity to showcase their greatness.

Future speaking dates are quickly being booked. As Nyeeam is scheduled to soon tour Bermuda, Los Angeles and Chicago, this campaign is earmarked to become a national, international virtual fundraiser. Become a contributor by making monetary donations and help share this information. Donations will be used to help secure tour logistics, and will also be used for all creative directives to successfully complete the project. Please use https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ch

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