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While the world is unraveling, I find refuge in my relationship with the earth, my family, my dance, my dreams and visions.

One of my dream seeds in this new cycle is to merge my dance mixes with my Art ~ as a medium to inspire people to awaken their bodies, their wild selves, their life force, connection to nature, shadows, joy, vitality, their hearts. All of it.

It is only when we allow our soul to be heard, that we can truly evolve in this lifetime.

And so I offer this 40+ minute Ecstatic Dance journey to you… An invitation to feel your body, and listen to your dreams and visions of this new earth that is so ready for a radical upgrade.

May you come again and again to this place to dance ~ a river and waterfall I often come to cleanse my soul. Click subscribe for the dances to come.

Gratitude for the collaboration with @ajeetmusic whose new lunar EP “Dance of the Moon” inspired this art into form! To the incredible @manameilin & @laylaelkhadri for always dancing your YES. To the amazing IDNMind / Mario Gonzalez @idnmind for supporting this somewhat crazy vision behind the camera.

May you dance under the moon and let’s shake this collective dream awake!

Sophie Sôfrēē

Music credits to:
Maneesh de Moor
El Buho
Peter Power
Raio & Sophie Sôfrēē (Remixes by Ben Temple Step)
Mose & Lindsey Wise