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Costa Rica. The Oldest People In The World (Episode 4) | Full Documentary

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The Republic of Costa Rica. This small country snugly sits between two continents. It takes up the narrowest part of the land bridge connecting two Americas: the North and the South ones. For the last 600 years this peaceful republic has been living without calamities and perturbations with the only exception of the civil war in 1948. That domestic strife had resulted in abolishing of the country’s armed forces. And now Costa Rica is one of the few countries that don’t have army. The extra budget is invested into education, medicine and science. With 79 years, Costa Rica is the leader on average life span in Latin America. The biggest contribution to this achievement is made by Guanacaste Province, located on the Nicoya Peninsula. Age records in this region puzzle scientists all over the world.

As life expectancy continues to soar, more and more of us are living to well over the age of 100. We ask some of the oldest people in the world the question everyone wants answered: what is the secret to long life?

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