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The Conquering Lions of Judah: A Journey into Rastafarian Consciousness

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2002. FORWARD TO BERLIN, INTO THE ROOTS: The original documentary unremixed about unity and diversity inside international Rastafarian culture and consciousness.

SARAH EDGEHILL takes you on a journey through the city of Berlin, 2002, 13 years after the wall fell down with the influx of artists and musicians from all over the world.

This film explores the dynamic international cultural landscape of natural mystics, music and diversity of meaning of Rastafari.

Dancehall was booming, locks growing, DJ´s and toasting traditions merged and got mocked by German youth, – Rasta vibes taking over…sound clash in the dancehall, sound systems bursting out onto the scene, records replacing live bands, and the outspoken voice and rhythms of multiple traditions and cultures was unified in Rastafari, Locks, red gold and green shine eyes hit the streets.

International reggae superstar Luciano shares wisdom and knowledge of the impact of Rastafari on reggae music, with 15 people and their spiritual stories about roots reggae and rivers of consciousness.
12 international Berlin residents from diverse cultural backgrounds ranging from Kingston to Baracao, Accra to Addis Abeba.

May this film be a sweet small source of insight about a mystical moment in time already long gone, and a educational stimulation for our future generations.

May life be a continual blessed rhythm of oneness.

The countries and cultural connections associated with this project include:
Barbados, Benin, Cuba, Dominica, England, Ethiopia, Gambia, Germany, Ghana, Guyana, Jamaica, New Zealand, Saint Lucia, South Africa and Zambia.

Any technical imperfection is part of the breeze of life this 2002 unique film mystic travels along.

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