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African Etymology of "Zion" & 7 Old Maps Indicating Mt. Zion is Mt. Kenya

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This video was inspired by God because i didn’t intend to find what i did. I intended to simply do a video showing 7 old maps with the Sion River, until i realized the 3 maps were different and then it all clicked in my mind… I remembered the conversations i had with the Kikuyu Seer, Mr. Samuel Kamitha, messenger for the Chief Seer to Mt. Kenya’s College of Seers… And from their wisdom which normally stays secluded in the holy hills, I bring you this inspiration. Hopefully this helps somebody and maybe someone can take this a step further in the future as new information is made available. The Seers say we’re in the times where many things that were hidden will now be presented to humanity.

They for one are an ancient priesthood that have ancient scrolls that they plan to present to the world to encourage peace and mental elevation…

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