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The 84th tribe of Ethiopia

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My family was never very patriotic. That could be the result of several different ethnicities living under one roof. The most respected member in my household was my great-grandfather. Charles Mayors or “GG Pop,” as he was known to the kids. I can still remember him speaking the Cuban dialect of Spanish in a Jamaican accent. Pop was born in 1906, in a small village outside of Manchioneal, Jamaica. Although he moved to Cuba in his later years, most of his upbringing took place in Manchioneal. His life, experience, and wisdom had a major influence on me and my family. I have been waiting my whole life to meet people that made it back to Africa. With that in mind, I embarked on my first trip outside of Addis Ababa for a conversation with the Rasta’s of Ethiopia and to learn more about the history of the Awassa region.

This video should also be used to bring light to the corporate sponsored famine taking place in Ethiopia. I am currently an English and debate instructor living in Ethiopia. I constantly see food prices go up as wall street speculators live as though they were gods on earth, while making the life of Ethiopians and many others hell. I’m willing to work with any passionate individuals who want to help fight this issue. I am no NGO and I have no affiliation with UN. I am only an individual who envisions a more equal world.

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