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1935, Sep | Empress Menen Speech Women Stand in Solidarity Against War

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In September 1935 Her Royal Highness, Empress Woizero Menen disclosed the aggression to the World Women Association and appealed to all world nation states with her famous speech.

Her Imperial Majesty said:

We are indeed glad for this evening which has caused our voice to be heard by all women throughout the world. Regardless of the different climate they live in, women in this world are connected and have the same desire in maintaining world peace and love. 

Obviously, war is one of the major problems which bring disaster in the life of mankind. In spite of the difference of colour, race, creed and religion between women in this world, they all hate war because the fruit of war is nothing but disaster.

War exterminates their beloved husbands, their brothers and their children. It destroys and eliminates their families. At this hour, and such a tragic and sad period where aggressors have planned a very heavy war upon our lives, we would like to bring this to the attention of all women throughout the world, that it is their duty to voice and express solidarity against such acts.”


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