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Emperor Haile Selassie had a large family. His first marriage was to Woizero Altayech, by whom he had a daughter, Princess Romanework who was married to Dejazmatch Beyene Merid, and had four sons, two of which survived to adulthood. They were Dejazmatch Samson Beyene, and Dejazmatch Merid Beyene. Dejazmatch Beyene Merid died fighting the fascist Italian invasion in 1936. Princess Romanework and her sons were captured by the Italians, and imprisoned in Italy, where the Princess died on Asinara island in 1940, and her body was returned to the Imperial Family after the restoration of 1941. Her sons returned to Ethiopia and were raised by their grandfather the Emperor. Dejazmatch Samson died in Ethiopia before the revolution. He had one son, Lij Sibistianos Samson. Dejazmatch Merid died in exile in London without issue in 1990
**On the left page from left to right, top row to bottom:
1st Row: Princess Tenagnework, Crown Prince Asfaw Wossen, Princess Zenebework, Princess Tsehai
2nd Row: Princess Aida Desta, Princess Ijigayehu Asfaw Wossen, Princess Mariam Senna Asfaw Wossen, Princess Sehin Asfaw Wossen
3rd Row: Lij Amha Desta, Princess Hirut Desta, Princess Seble Desta, Princess Sophia Desta
4th Row: Rear Admiral Prince Iskinder Desta, Emebet Tsige Mariam Abebe, Lij Yonathan Seyoum Haregot, Lij Thomas Seyoum Haregot, Prince Zera Yacob Asfaw Wossen (now Crown Prince)
5th Row: Lij Merid Beyene, Lij Samson Beyene, Lij Getachew Beyene, Lij Sibeste Samson, Princess Sifrash Asfaw Wossen
On the Right Page:
1st Row: Prince Makonnen Duke of Harrar, Prince Sahle Selassie, Lij (now Prince) Ermias Sahle Selassie, Lij Samson Fikre Selassie
2nd Row: Prince Wossen Seged Makonnen, Lij Sehul Mikael Mengesha, Lij Yohannes Mengesha, Emebet Rahel Fikre Selassie,
3rd Row: Prince Amde Yesus (Mikael) Makonnen, Lij Estifanos Mengesha, Emebet Elsabet Kassa, Emebet Meheret Kassa,
4th Row: Prince Makonnen (Dawit) Makonnen, Prince Taffari Makonnen, Lij Jalliye Mengesha, (top) Emebet Jote Kassa, (bottom) Emebet Debrework Kassa, (top) Emebet Aster Fikre Selassie (bottom) Lij (now Prince) Bekere Fikre Selassie**