On Monday, January 16, 2023, from 9 am to 4 pm, SITE Media, RasTafari TV Network, Inc. in partnership with Dr. Trevor Dixon and JAHJAH (Jamaican's Abroad Helping Jamaicans at Home) Foundation Mission For Change 2023 keep our commitment to being of service to the Haile Selassie I High School, in St. Andrew, Jamaica. We will sponsor our 5th Annual Free Health Fair for all students, faculty, and the surrounding Payne Land community. The dual theme will be "The Ultimate Challenge" Speech by Emperor Haile Selassie and the "Reignite The Village", a theme inspired by Ms. Jaqueline Bryan, the school's guidance counselor. JAHJAH foundation conducts these health fairs each January during their "Mission for Change” and provides health, dental, and wellness screenings and consultations for all attendees.

Since 2014, Rastafari TV Network and friends have been serving the Haile Selassie High School, sponsoring free health and education mission with Rastafari TV donating over 600 pounds of school supplies. We established an environmental club, organized field trips, including beach clean-up days, and sent funds for top-ups for students to continue their online classes during the pandemic. Due to a lack of support from the community and the recent pandemic, we were unable to continue this critical mission. However, we have great news! Dr. Trevor Dixon has reached out to us to pledge their medical team's support for 2023. Rastafari TV will be reaching out to the global community to support the Haile Selassie I High School Health Fair in an extraordinary way to contribute well-needed donations to make the upcoming health fair a great success. Our Rastafari TV Network team will provide free lunches and workshops for students during this time. Rastafari TV will be working closely with members of the faculty to provide support to the school and the surrounding communities. This effort will benefit students, teachers, and members of the community and need all hearts and helping hands to rally around HSHS.

We look forward to a beautiful health fair and collaborating with everyone to make this a great success.

For more information, to donate, become a vendor, or volunteer please contact +1 (954) 673-6823, email info@rastafari.tv or visit www.rastafari.tv/mission.


Dear Media Representatives,


We are writing to invite you to broadcast and cover the 5th Annual Free Health Fair for students at Haile Selassie I High School and the surrounding Payne Ave district in St. Andrew, Jamaica, on Monday, January 16, 2023, from 9 am to 4 pm.

As you may be aware, this community is underserved and at-risk, and events like the health fair are crucial in providing access to vital health services for its residents. The health fair is sponsored by SITE Media, Rastafari TV Network, and Dr. Trevor Dixon, JAHJAH Foundation which is Jamaicans Abroad Helping Jamaicans at Home Mission For Change 2023. The fair will offer a range of services, including medical checkups, eye examinations, OBGYN, a mobile Dental clinic, health screenings, and HIV testing, all at no cost to attendees. Free lunch and refreshments will also be provided with food donations welcomed by companies and families.

In addition to the health services, the fair will also feature a global call to action called The Guardians of Haile Selassie I High School. This united, non-religious, non-partisan, non-governmental family of alumni and friends pledges to be in full service to the school year-round to offer well-needed social services for lasting change. The Guardians provide mentorship, career training, field trips, educational workshops, and resources on topics such as nutrition, mental health, and physical fitness. Even more exciting, our eco club has adopted a regenerative living model called EAT Jamaica whose aim is to establish a food forest permaculture model at the grounds to grow food for the healthy meals program. These resources are important for promoting long-term health and overall well-being in the community.

We know this event is an important story that deserves attention and coverage. By bringing awareness to the health fair, you can help us reach more people in need and rally like minds to make a real difference in the lives of the residents of this community.

We hope that you will consider covering this event and helping to spread the word about the 5th annual Free Health Fair. Please do not hesitate to contact us at +1 (954) 673-6823, or email info@rastafari.tv for any questions. If you would like more information please visit www.rastafari.tv and www.jahjahfoundation.org.

VISIT: www.rastafari.tv/mission.

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In Loving Service,

Sis. Fan'aye SunLight Zena-Selassie
MatriARChitect & Founder of EAT, Rastafari TV & SITE Media