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Declaration of Indigenous Human Rights & UNDRIP

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Controversy Over Indigenous Human Rights, Princess Nzinga Locs Cut Off in Police Custody

On June 22, 2021, Princess Nzinga King, a 19-year-old nursing student in Jamaica was on her way home in a shared taxi. In the same taxi was a young man who was not wearing a mask. A police officer asked him to leave the taxi but he refused and an argument developed between the police officer and the young man. The young man resorted to punching the police officer, then the police officer ended pepper spraying him. The pepper spray affected Princess Nzinga King’s breathing so she had to take her mask off. And in doing so, an argument developed between Nzinga King and the police officer who was taken into custody.
She was charged JA$6000 or 10 days in prison. Her bail was not paid immediately so Nzinga had to stay over in custody. While in custody at the Fourth Path Police station in Clarendon, Jamaica, according to Nzinga, a policewoman named Constable Mitchelle, cut her hair off. Several days after, when Nzinga’s mother arrived to pay the fine, she said she did not recognize her daughter. She was shocked to see that all her daughter’s locs that she had been growing since Nzinga was a young child are all gone. This incident has ignited a worldwide outcry from the 4 corners of the earth, especially in the Great Rastafari Nation.

Unexpected Twist, Nziga’s peers said she trimmed her loss and regret doing so.

In an unexpected twist, according to recent reports, a nursing store at The Meadowlands Center for Excellence in Clarendon, where King attends, says King gave a completely different version of events at students at her school.  Nzinga’s peers allege that Nzinga said several times that she regrets cutting her locs on July 26, 2021,  because she had developed mold in her hair.   RasTafari TV Network and our audience would like to know the truth or if the public causing mischief.
How does a person go into custody with locs and leave without locs? Show us her mugshot, her police photo. Also, what is Corporal Mitchell’s story?
The trimming and gross traumatizing Rastafari & Indigenous peoples have been a common practice on the island of Jamaica, in the Caribbean, and throughout the Diaspora for centuries. Rastafari TV Network stands in solidarity with all families who seek justice in the name of Indigenous and Rastafari Rights And Liberty.
We are seeking not just another apology. We command immediate legislative changes in the Jamaican Parliament to be passed to enforce and protect any and every Indigenous and the Rastafari person with locs or natural hairstyles. We demand compensation for every individual or family whose rights have been violated or unjustly attacked for practicing their indigenous roots and culture.
We demand the immediate dismissal of all police officers involved in these and other atrocious and presumptuous acts present, past, and future. We show no respect to a person in seeking truth and enforcing your laws. Jamaica’s so-called leaders have hunted, brutalized, and shown no or little respect for the Great Rastafari Nation event before the horrific Coral Gardens incident decades ago. Rastafari heritage as a nation and a people has made an invaluable contribution to Jamaica’s music, culture, and economy but reap very little benefit. Our Indigenous and Rastafari rights have been violated and the Rastafari people of the world stand in Solidarity to enforce the laws and treaties that were signed and made LAW to protect our rights. We will no longer sit idly by and allow this or any other incident against our indigenous rights to be violated.

The Time Is Now! We Stand United against Violation of Rastafari Rights! Rastafari Is One! Enough Is Enough!

Rastafari TV Network, mobilized and unite with the Universal Benevolent Rastafari & Messianic Movement, The Indigenous Maroons of Jamaica Sovereign Acompong, All Indigenous Tribes, Ancient Israelites, visible and invisible spiritual and planetary forces, might, powers, ascended masters, ancestors, saints, martyrs, great peacekeepers, healers call for an urgent investigation of all LAWless, warmongering, genocidal governments on this planet, starting with the island erroneously called Jamaica of The West Indes. We call for a full investigation, audit, and trial of the Jamaican Government, their law enforcement, military, and militias cited for the gross violation of The Maroon Treaty of 1738-1739 and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples hereto known as (UNDRIP or Declaration,) formerly accepted on the 13th of September 2007.
The main themes of the Declaration are: (i) the right to self-determination; (ii) the right to be recognized as distinct peoples; (iii) the right to free, prior, and informed consent; and (iv) the right to be free of discrimination. The Declaration explains how the rights of indigenous peoples, especially indigenous young people, elders, and those having special needs should be enforced by all governments, along with ILO Convention 169, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. The Jamaican government is guilty of breaking Article 30 of the Declaration, for Military activities will not take place on indigenous lands without indigenous peoples’ free, prior and informed consent, unless it is necessary for the well-being of all of society and it takes place through consultations with indigenous peoples’ representatives.
We, the indigenous people on 6th August 2021, RISE to lift our voices to declare to all nations, that we are the original people and occupants of this planet before it was violently overtaken by illegal aliens and colonial pirates. We have a strong connection to our traditions and have the right to govern our ancestral territories, cultures, and identities. We, the indigenous peoples, given Divine authority, have dominion and power to enforce and implement The Declaration and all laws protected by governments around the world as it applies to indigenous peoples as individuals and as a group. We are free to practice our way of worship, linguistic heritage, dressing, and to cultivate the land and preserve and share our ecological systems being our land, air, and water, the LAW.
The Maroon Treaty of 1738-1739 and The United Nations and its Member States, together with Indigenous Peoples, reconciled with past painful histories and decided to march into the future on the path of human rights protected by this distinct Declaration, being the only Declaration in the United Nations which was drafted with the rights-holders, themselves, the Indigenous Peoples. We see this as a strong Declaration which embodies the most important rights we and our ancestors have long fought for; This Declaration makes the opening phrase of the UN Charter, “We the Peoples…” meaningful for the more than 370 million indigenous persons all over the world.
We express our deep love and respect to the torchbearers and defenders of truth and life who share Divine wisdom and strength to keep peace in a time of war, to lead uprisings and rebellions, as well as facilitate sanctuaries and havens for runaway slaves, freedom fighters, prisoners of war, giving humanitarian aid and disaster relief.
We call on governments, the United Nations system, the Benevolent Rastafari Movement, Indigenous Peoples and civil society at large to rising and make it a priority to implement The Declaration to the least of its minimum standards for the survival, dignity, and well-being and to address all the significant issues affecting indigenous peoples. It is the right of all governments to enforce the law that indigenous peoples be protected from violence, abuse, and exploitation. We, indigenous peoples, protect and preserve our civil, political, social, economic, and cultural rights. We have the right to self-determination, spirituality, language, lands, territories, and resources. We have the right to share this information for free, without prior and informed consent to RISE against injustice and the atrocities and subhuman treatment of the universal indigenous peoples.
It is our moral code and spiritual duty to enforce the historic and monumental UPRISING before us and make the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples become the living world in the flesh, a sovereign document for the common good of all peoples. Power to The People! The People is The Voice of The Almighty!

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