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Our Mission: Providing a digital BRIDGE for open source education, cultural awareness and cooperative economics. 

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We commend your company’s mission to leave this earth a better place through corporate responsibility. We seek the right socially responsible sponsors and vendors to build with us in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We recognize and celebrate you and request permission to endorse your brand.

We are master community builders with an audience of a highly popular, niche culture. We’re embarking on a major campaign for a cleaner, greener and healthier earth. We are documenting a digital timeline of history, prophecy, people, flora, fauna and species. Our travel nomads has varying levels of experience producing film and multimedia projects that move audiences to action on issues that matter and encourage social change. We develop artists as leaders and connect film and interactive storytellers to farmers and give them the tools and talent they need to do the best work. Together we build a digital BRIDGE to amplify our message and extent impact to reach the widest possible audience.

In the spirit of fostering great work and recommending the best our ideal partnership is to be:

1. Brand ambassadors for your services and products

2. Part of your affiliate program; fundraiser for causes through referrals code RTV

3. Exposing your brand to our niche market via engaging social media promotions

4. You Brand Your Premier RTV Channel (View Press Kit)

5. First in-line for your product placement in upcoming productions

6. Providers of in-kind donations of your services/products to benefit causes


We are a 17 person startup team ready to cohabitate and establish several multimedia production domiciles worldwide. Telling our own unique and compelling stories with strong narratives across a multiplatform, we offer a broad spectrum of subject matters. We contribute to a new generation of youthful, forward thinking producers of educational, heritage and wellness films from a Divine African and indigenous perspective. All our films encourage active engagement in creative and appealing ways which have a positive humanitarian message.

We’re blessed to be offered to establish our new headquarters on a tranquil 110 acre estate in paradise Jamaica. This former plantation is the new location for our wellness center and certified organic farm. The project provides seed capital and 80 jobs for the local community. This new location will immediately host inspiring edu-tainment and eco-experiences for nature lovers. (View www.jamaicawellnesscenter.com) Additionally, we’ve selected an ideal property to move into our Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Both locations enable us to navigate strategically within a major peninsula and international trade hub. Both locations double as living, creative and transformative spaces to host www.RasTafari.TV Network, E.A.T. (www.projecteat.org) and www.SiteMedia.us Production and community development projects and cultural exchange. Our third location is proposed for Georgia, then Ethiopia.

For the next 3 years, we’re highlighting the Ethiopia-Jamaica connection starting January 2018 – January 2021. We will be filming and farming in two regions. We set out to journey to the Land of Zion on our 3rd Annual Footsteps of Our Emperor Pilgrimage & Ethiopia Tour scheduled July 15-30, 2018. Your partnership supports emerging documentary and cinematography filmmakers and multimedia professionals in action and establishing organic farms for participating communities and schools. We reflect the grassroots voice of the people and our mission is to become the windows to the world to educate, inform and inspire sustainable life.

We seek crucial support to acquire the best equipment, professional mentoring and legal advice to produce stories through diverse perspectives, genres, styles and technologies. Communal tribes living in clans and villages in a natural habitat is nothing new. We already create, cook, garden and pool our resources in our own loving and compassionate model community. We will now have the ability and flexibility to collaborate and work within a farming village, scheduling our own 24 hour shifts, 6 days per week. The HQ will be used as staging for production, interviews, live stream and the ability to pay per view.

We bolster your brand with brand/product placement to increase audience trust to help you grow. Investors receive advertising and promotion throughout international networks to deliver high-performance and global exposure to generate economic and environmental returns. Each domicile is uniquely themed and branded while giving teams creative freedom. RasTafari TV Network produce stories about little known subjects, roots and culture edu-tainment segments and films that touch the hearts. Our projects expose, and bring important information to light and tell stories that can change, heal and enrich lives. Through a display of artful creation and music, we highlight cultural relevance which has a potential to reach and connect humanities.

We support outreach and engagement that have the potential to inspire positive change around issues that affect the most vulnerable. We cater to national and international audiences through public and educational screenings, presentations, broadcast, distribution and/or online stream. We produce PSA’s, narrative, documentary, short and feature length film, experimental new media projects at various stages of production (development, production, post-production, distribution). This contribute to the public’s engagement on various digital platforms such as websites, mobile applications and tours, interactive touch screens and kiosks, games and virtual environments to reach diverse audiences and bring our stories and heritage to life.  Our projects accelerate progress toward social justice through creative, artist-driven visual storytelling.  We look forward to planting seeds and growing together!



New! HQ Jamaica

New 110 Acre Estate & Organic Farm Development

JWC Press Kit

Florida HQ

Cohabitation Multimedia Production Hub

Our Vision

8 Steps to a Model Sustainable Community

Starting in Jamaica, projects will span the globe. 
2018-2021 | Film, Document & Archive a Hue-manitarian Experience of the People, Species, Fauna & Flora.

Past projects have included:

• Annual Footsteps of Our Emperor Ethiopia Tour

• E.A.T. Clean, Green, Healthy Communities

• Mentoring Inner-City Youth; International 

• Community Health Fair; Jamaica 

• Adoption of the Haile Selassie High School; Jamaica 

NEW! JRDC Shashemene School; Ethiopia    

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Accepting Donations for Community Development Projects & Causes

RTV is the definitive multi-media partner that combine digital publishing, with signature events, high-quality, unique heritage-focused tours and content production in an indispensable industry networking and introducing your brand to create an unforgettable experience.  This immensely movement is routinely draws more than 200,000 visitors daily, representing 45 nations and 35 languages.  Sponsoring RTV gives your organization unparalleled opportunities for:

  1. Access - to a concentrated, exclusive destination audience
  2. Engagement - in social media trivia, raffles and give-a-ways and broadcasts
  3. Exclusivity - a limited number of sponsorships are available and only contributing partners are able to attend.
  4. Exposure - to state, region and urban destination marketing organizations that control nearly $300 million in domestic advertising.
  5. Industry immersion - to be a part of the RTV community, lending credibility and familiarity to your name, face and organization.


Generating Sponsorship for Open Source Education

  1. Advertising Partnership within Our Digital Community
  2. Travel Sponsorship (Heritage Tours & Pilgrimages)
  3. Merkato e-Commerce Designer Marketplace
  4. Videos and Playlists
  5. Promotional Materials
  6. Promotional Videos & Commercials
  7. Creative Vehicle Wrap of Van/Trailer
  8. In Studio time/celebrity endorsements
  9. Annual Benefits & Individual Special Events
  10. Social Media Trivia, Raffles & Give-a-ways

Future projects include:

  • Connecting individuals with culture in a digital BRIDGE
  • Developing E.A.T. Community Programs and Projects
  • Reserve Your Channel.  Amazing Niche International Audience


To learn more about securing a sponsorship, including benefits, visibility and investments, contact: Fan'aye SunLight-Selassie, Martriark & Founder  Tel: 954-673-6823.   RasTafari TV Network is the Media Wing of Local #31  Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. 501(c)4 August 25, 1937