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Book Now!  Ethiopia July 15-29, 2016 Tour – Footsteps of Our Emperor

Book Now! Ethiopia July 15-29, 2016 Tour – Footsteps of Our Emperor

  What’s Next for The New Year? Rastafari TV Network  Partners with Ethio USA Tour to bring you the Ethiopian tour…

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  • 8 hours agoOUR EMPEROR SPEAKS...Above all, Ethiopia is dedicated to the principle of the equality of all men, irrespective... /t.co/DyDPJZI29e

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  • factfriday Axum Obelisk in Porta Capena Square RomeThe Axum Obeliskhellip
    5 days ago by rastafaritv  #factfriday  Axum Obelisk in Porta Capena Square Rome.The Axum Obelisk (Obelisco di Axum) was moved there from a Saint Ethiopian city (Axum) in 1937 as a trophy of the colonial company of Italy in Eastern Africa. It dates from the 4th century and is 24 meters high. For 68 years, the obelisk stood in central Rome. The stolen Axum Obelisk returned to Ethiopia from Italy where it lived the preceding 68 years in exile. The 25 meters high and 2,500-year-old obelisk, sculpted from a single piece of granite, was stolen by Italy in 1937 during the failed Italian occupation of…
  • Repost rastalivity  Our greatest asset is our unity andhellip
    1 week ago by rastafaritv  #Repost   @_rastalivity_  ・・・ "Our greatest asset is our unity, and we must exploit it to the fullest." "Unity gives strength and assures success." "The joining  #together  in a unified  #effort  to  #overcome  the perils of nature and the  #dangers  which beset man on all sides is the very basis of  #society  and the way in which  #humanity , since the dawn of  #history , has assured it's  #survival ." - His Imperial Majesty, Qedamawai Haile Selassie ❤️  #defenderofthefaith   #thankfultuesday   #beablessing 
  • OUR EMPEROR SPEAKSLasting progress can only be built on deephellip
    1 week ago by rastafaritv OUR EMPEROR SPEAKS...Lasting progress can only be built on deep and enduring foundations. When a solid foundation is laid, if the mason is able and his materials good, a strong house can be built.To develop oneself, one has to develop one's own initiative and perseverance - a man has to strive in order to grow. Let us work out our own programmes in all fields - political, economic, social and military. Man's contributions which live to influence the life and progress of posterity, are the most permanent monuments that can ever be created. We must become increasingly willing to analyze…
  • sabbath blessings from rastafari youth The mind is like ahellip
    4 days ago by rastafaritv  #sabbath  blessings from  #rastafari  youth. "The mind is like a bag, everyone carries their own." ~Igbo Proverb ❤️ We are responsible with filling the minds of our youth with truth, knowledge of self, and the courage to stand up & stand out for a better world.  #sabbathmusings   #teachtheyouth 
  • Ordinary people are as common as grass but good peoplehellip
    1 week ago by rastafaritv Ordinary people are as common as grass, but good people are dearer than the eye.  #goodpeople   #thankfultuesday   @rastafari_rootzfest   @cannabis_cup   @veggiemow   #negril   #jamaica   #420   #raspectelders   #africanwisdom 
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